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What is the limit for eating dates?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17714points) July 7th, 2016

My Dr. told me to eat more fiber. I purchased $30 worth of dates. What is a healthy amount of dates to eat per day? I eat one every two hours except after midnight. They are smooth and chewy. I remove the pits every time.

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Damn, if this were in Social I would have said something really off color.

To answer the question. Try for a couple of days and see how well they work at addressing your constipation needs. If they aren’t effective, then eat some more. If they’re too effective (and you’ll know!) then eat fewer. Everyone’s stomach is a little different, and there is not an absolute rule as to how many will work for you.

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Dates are powerful stuff, so I’d say no more than 5 at a time…

or when you quite suddenly realize you have to race from couch to crouch.

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When did you start your new date-eating regimen?

I’d suggest slowly adding them to your diet as they can be quite powerful.

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Well, as long as you don’t start growing a hump and turning into a camel, it;s all good. No dates after midnight is a good rule of thumb. You could just eat prunes instead, cheaper and more effective. hah

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@Coloma is right. Pretty much every retirement home has prunes on the menu to help things move along.

@RedDeerGuy1 , have you made other changes to your diet as well? Did your doctor make a referral to a dietitian or nutrtionist for you? Sometimes little changes can have major impact.

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@BellaB Yes I stopped eating out. I eat Puritan beef stew and frozen burgers on sale. I stopped eating bacon and pizza. I have two ensure meal replacement drinks per day. I drink more water and some Shasta cola. I have 3 scrambled eggs per day and 4 eggos waffles per day. I have 6 dates per day. Once a month I have 4 KFC chicken thighs. I have a $0.62 cent cup of soup once per day. I eat shreddies with milk once per day.

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It looks like you’re pretty high on the protein side of your diet and very low on the fiber side. I can see why the doctor is suggesting some modifications. Shreddies are definitely on the positive side for fiber and the Eggos can be as well. As I recall, they even have a high-fiber version of Eggos. Do you have a Bulk Barn where you are? if so, I’d suggest getting a small bag of bran there to add to different things you eat.

One thing I found that had a really positive effect (too effective for me) was SunRype Juice with fibre. A lot of Shoppers Drug Marts carry that as do grocery stores.

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@BellaB Thanks I will buy look into buying some SunRype Juice with fibre when I get my teeth cleaned on July 31. They are next to each other.

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Good luck with the diet modifications!

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The best fiber is wheat bran: two slices of whole grain bread per day and/or veggies with every meal. It does not take much, but if you don’t get enough you won’t believe how bad it hurts.

I have no information about dates. I won’t eat them. They just taste like sweet mud to me.

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Jeffrey Dahmer could probably answer this question better than anybody else.

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Mmmm… daaaates. Bacon-wrapped and cream cheese stuffed dates are goddamned Ambrosia.

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Another reason to go easy on the dates is their high calorie content compared to other dried fruits. A single date has about 66 calories, as a quick google search will verify.

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@RedDeerGuy1 – How is it going with the new regimen?

Thought of you when I was in the grocery store – looked at the high fibre Eggos and a few other high fibre products. I didn’t realize there were so many out there.

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I have never eaten a date—frankly, I wouldn’t know how to prepare them properly. I have licked a couple of them, but they didn’t seem to like it.

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Yeah basically don’t go overboard or it could get messy!

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I don’t eat my dates, not into cannibalism.

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