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Why am I still up at 3 in the morning?

Asked by cage (3114points) July 30th, 2008

Seriously why!?!?!? I should be sleeping now, resting with my eyes shut!

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Because you luuuvre us.

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I don’t see how we can know, but I bet on some level you do.

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Maybe because you aren’t tired? Or what ├╝ber said… You luuurve us.

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I think it’s because sleep is overrated. Sure, it would be nice to believe that is a certain amount of luuuurve involved, but I’m too much of a pessimist to believe it.

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Only 3 am, pfffft. You’re a lightweight. 3 am is early for me.

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But petethepothead: what if he has work at 5am?..

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well are you in your bed staring at the cieling or doing something productive? I suggest you stay away from your bed until your finally ready to sleep. What do you before you go to bed?

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Maybe someone slipped some speed in your drink?

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@TheHaight: I was kidding. Though I have stayed up all night until 8 am fluthering, I’m usually asleep by 2 am.

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Don’t worry guys, I’m no t really that bothered, thought it might give some interesting answers tis all. I occasionally stay up late, when yes (TheHaight) I don’t have work, coz then I can LIE IN :) mmmmmmmmm so nice.

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where do you live that it’s 3AM? 10:44PM here

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across the ocean, amanda.

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More to the point now… WHY AM I UP AT 4am!?!?!

night night everyone, it’s been fun.

@amanda, Atlantis

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Haha, well i’ve been in the position were I’ve had work at four in the morning and couldn’t fall asleep.. So that’s why I asked. And by the way- it really sucks!

[it’s only 8:30 here! :) ]

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Because dammit you just can’t sleep.

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You have a chemical imbalance and need to take some melatonin to bring up your sleepiness.

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amusingly I do take melatonin to get to sleep. No, the only reason is coz my body clock is all over the place coz I’m in holidays.

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Too much coffee? Too much chocolate? Too much booze? Too wired into fluther? Too much in luurve?

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I’m staying up fluthering. And I’ve been late to work fluthering…what does that say about me?

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I can’t sleep either, but I need to get up for work <<<argghhh>>>

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It’s a Zen thing. If you’re asleep, you can’t assimilate from the collective and if you’re awake, your mind refuses to cooperate with you so you end up wishing that you were sleeping.

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@asmonet, you are addicted to fluther. Please, put the mouse down and back away from the computer. We need a Fluther intervention, stat!

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I know, it’s depressing. :)

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A. Because you are, and
B. You’re on Fluther. It doesn’t help.

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