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Do you ever see yourself as a work of art?

Asked by BellaB (6451points) July 9th, 2016

Strange question? Could be.

Yesterday I was walking down the street in pink spotted pants, a turquoise striped top, pink and orange floral sandals and carrying a small bright green bag. Saw myself reflected in a bus shelter and thought – I look like a crazy piece of pop art.

Do you ever try to look like a piece of art? do you ever inadvertently turn into a painting or sculpture? it’s a bit different from dressing like Madonna or Springsteen but along the same lines.

Are you a Roy Lichtenstein character? a Rembrandt? a Titian? a Keith Haring?

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An unfinished one. Definitely abstract.

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Haha, I guess you could say that about me at times too, yes.
I too like colorful dress with a rather bohemian flair.
I often wear colorful batik or tye dye type dresses and skirts, lots of gypsy/hippie skirts, braided hair with beaded bracelets as hair ties, dangley earrings. I think being a creative type lends itself to showing up as well, in our personal sense of fashion.

I really put little effort into my clothing, I just know what I like and have an uncanny knack for finding the perfect, color complementary accessories. It’s my designing eye that gets the credit, not because I deliberately set out to make some kind of a statement.
It is all very natural and uncontrived for me.

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Not all of me…

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I used to.
My husband’s fingers remind me of Adam’s hands in The Creation of Adam(Miguel_%C3%81ngel).jpg by Michelangelo,

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There were a few hangovers back in my drinking days where I felt like Guernica

I am definitely a work in progress, something by Antoni Gaudi.

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I saw myself in Leighton’s The Accolade….

So I made it happen

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Never. I see myself as utilitarian and practical. Not an object to be seen as art.

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@Seek Is that you in the picture?

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@lbm – never trust a woman who is point a sword at you. Words to live by.

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@LBM – Yes, it’s one of our wedding photos.

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@elbanditoroso :: I have seen Seek’s cooking. It would be worth a few seconds of sword pointing.

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@Seek You look absolutely beautiful.

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Aww… youse guys are sweet.

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In a way, I guess, but that’s because I view humanity that way in general. We’re all a bunch of completely screwed up beings trying to navigate through life with our own issues. It’s tragic and beautiful, and overwhelming.

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I don’t see myself as a work of art but I can sometimes see others that way and I appreciate their creativity and sense of style.

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“Duh, ahm tinkin…ahm tinkin…ahhhhhmm tinkin”

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If I was a piece of art, I definitely would be a charater from a morning newspaper cartoon. Sum up my life and look nicely.

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I’m a work of art in a Jackson Pollock sort of way

@Seek Awesome pic, that was no boring wedding.

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Love these answers. Thinking of everyone in a slightly different way now.

@zenvelo still has me laughing a couple of hours after I first read that response.

@Seek – love the inspiration as well as the result

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Yes, I am a work of art.

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I’m more of an audience kind of person. I like looking and appreciating but rarely take to the stage.

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I have been called a piece of work. I’m not sure what they meant by that.

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^^^ Haha

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I see myself as an unfinished painting of the artist who changes the mind almost every minute.

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I sometimes see myself as a Kurt Vonnegut character. Normal-appearing, but full of surprises.

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A work of art? Me? Not unless the there’s a painting somewhere, of the south end of a northbound jackass.

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