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Unexplained Leg Pains?

Asked by Sheree03 (7points) July 9th, 2016

I’ve read here already about leg pains, but I didn’t see how old messages were. I’m having very sharp shooting,local pains in back of right thigh at the same spot every time. They last about 30 sec each time & between 7–10 on pain scale. They started in Jan 2016 & when 1st started I maybe had 6 in a week. I’m now having anywhere from 5–10 daily,sometimes more & always without warning.I’ve been having othe leg issues(weak,heavy) but dr doesn’t I’vedoesn’t I’ve think sharp pains related to other lef issues.I’ve had ultrasound to check for any blockage in vessels-clear, Xrays- nothing visible on my leg, but some calcification on my hip (Bursits),EMG-nerve test & no nerve damage found. All tests good & negative for any anti-inflammatory diseases. Soft tissue MRI scheduled next. Any suggestions? We(Dr & I) are trying to figure it out. Thank you

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Are you overweight, inactive, sedentary?
Are you older, 50+?
Do you drink enough water? Dehydration can cause leg cramps as can lack of Potassium.

Have you had a back injury?
What about vascular disease, have you been checked for arterialsclerosis?
We are not doctors here and cannot give any medical advice.

Your best bet is to find a new doctor and get a 2nd or 3rd opinion.

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Magnesium strengthens muscles, calms nerves, stops cramps, and fights infections. Get epsom salt. It is cheap, five bux for a year’s supply. Put a dose in a glass with water to cover and stir until it dissolves. Fill the glass with lemonade and drink it. You can take it without the lemonade but you won’t like the taste. Milk of magnesia is more expensive but nicer tasting and gentler laxative action. Your choice.

Doctors will not tell you any such thing because they have no training in nutrition. You should study some books about nutrition so you know how to eat right.

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@SmartAZ: How frequently? daily? weekly? And how much is a dose, a teaspoon? What quantity is a year’s supply?

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You decide when you need it. Dosage is printed on the label, but I don’t use that much. Five bux will get you a carton that looks like a half gallon of milk.

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Blood tests for:

Vitamin D
Vitamin B12

Your doctor might have already run them. I can’t imagine you had electrical testing and not been tested for at least B12. If anything is low, or towards the low side of normal, take supplements to get your levels up, and hopefully it will help. B12 normal range is different in different countries. Some countries believe the US parameters are very low, and people at the low side of normal are actually considers deficient in other countries.

Buy some magnesium spray (about $12 at the health store or Whole Foods) and spray directly on the area. Don’t overdue. Too much magnesium can be bad. Try two or three sprays and rub in 3 times a week and see if it helps.

Does it for sure feel like nerve pain? Or, more like muscle pain?

Did they do an MRI of your brain?

Do you have any lower back pain?

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I’ve had blood work done & all is within good ranges. I just had electrical testing done & no nerve damage Dr says. That’s why this is so strange. I have a mri scheduled for my leg next week. I do have lower back issues but supposaby there isn’t nerve issues-from the EMG test. Its not crampin up like Charlie horse pains in the shins, this is sharp shooting immediate pain that’s gone in about 30 sec & happens any where from about 5— 10 per day minimum.
Thank you for advise on MG.

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Have you looked at your lab results from the blood tests, or you are relying on your doctor? Do not rely on your doctor! look for low normal numbers and out of range numbers. And check to see if you were even tested for the things I mentioned.

The muscles can cause nerve pain. Lower back pain simply from muscular problems can send shooting nerve pain in the leg and foot. But, I’m obviously not sure that’s your problem.

Did you look up MS to see if you fit that at all? I’m doubting that’s it, but you could glance at the symptoms.

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