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What are some personal entertainments I can spend my money on?

Asked by Walgt (102points) July 11th, 2016

What I mean by personal entertainment is entertainment where I am personally active. For example, I like music and I play the piano. My parents bought me a grand piano. I am entertaining myself through the use of a piano rather than being entertained through a musician.

I like weapons. I entertain myself through the use of various weapons rather than watch action movies of people using weapons.

I play video games through the use of a computer or video game console or a virtual reality headset rather than watch a movie passively.

What are some other personal entertainments I can spend my money on?

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I think you should combine several of the pursuits and also learn some electronics.

For example, you could combine your piano skill with your weapons interests but wiring up the piano so that any time you hit a G-sharp chord, the weapon will fire. Or a B-flat might shoot a burst from the AR-15. You could have all sorts of fun playing various pieces of music.

If you are smart and curious, teach yourself computer programming. It really doesn’t matter what language – they key is being creative and letting the machine work for you.

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Buy yourself some hiking boots, and start going on long hikes. If you enjoy it, you can buy backpacking gear and go into the mountains for weeks at a time.

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^^Excellent idea. Or a kayak and study the wetlands or watershed of your area, or scuba lessons and a course in marine biology or freshwater ichthyology, or sailing lessons/flight lessons and a tutorial in trig for navigation, or a road bike, or a sketchpad and set of pencils/charcoal then download a ton of tutorials off the net for free. Start an herb and vegetable garden project that becomes a model of ecological symbiosis with earthworms, bees, compost pile, chickens, fruit trees, a fountain-aerated pond with edible fish, a root cellar, canning and storage. Make the garden complex a practical yet beautiful sanctuary. Integrate it into an interest in gourmet and farmhouse food preparation. Study and apply landscape architecture while you’re at it. Get your hands on an endangered species, like the gnarly, aromatic Frankincense tree and begin making beautiful Bonsais.

Almost all the information you need for these projects is available for free on the net.

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EC. GA. I personally have used canoes, and kayaks for many years. They are a cost effective way to get on the water, exercise,explore and fish.

Walgt, if you start getting I’m guns, please take the time to attend a safety course.
I play guitar, and the musical notes are the same as a piano. Perhaps you could be like Eddie Van Halen….Write songs on piano and play them on guitar. The results are awesome.
Anyway, welcome to Fluther.
Peace n love.

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Yep, I too was going to suggest outdoor activities since playing Piano & Video games are sedentary pursuits. Hiking, biking, camping equipment. etc.
You could take up archery too, easy to set up a target in your yard or somewhere safe and sling some arrows.

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^^^^ Doesn’t that mean an outrageous fortune?

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Look at those video games you play and consider getting involved in outdoor events/sports that involve the activities you see in the games. I pretty much always think physical/outdoor activity beats any passive/indoor comparison. I even prefer outdoor concerts to indoor ones.

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Books from Amazon .

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You have so much money that you’re having a hard time finding enough ways to spend it?
Perhaps you could donate money to the local homeless shelter, then volunteer to work in the kitchen?

Otherwise since you find weapons entertaining, you could sign up for self defense classes. It sounds as if you could use a few more social pursuits.

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Just go outside instead of being introvert! If you really must spend your money on something, just travel the world. This is the only thing you buy that makes you richer!

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