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Are you disappointed when actors you love make rotten movies?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42452points) July 11th, 2016

“The Hateful Eight” stars Kurt Russell, and I love him. Have ever since The Computer Word Tennis shoes. It also stars Samuel L. Jackson. He’s a good actor too, but the movie was horrible. The acting wasn’t bad, the plot was OK, but my god..the violence and the blood and the gore. It almost made me ill.

I hated that they both took turns knocking the hell out of that hand cuffed woman, too. It wasn’t a surprise for me that S. Jackson would be in a movie like that, but I expected more from Kurt Russell.

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It’s a Tarantino film, what were you expecting to see?

Did you not see Kurt in deathproof?

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I’m disappointed at rotten movies regardless of who’s headlining. I will usually be forewarned from reviews by critics and friends. I NEVER see a popular movie early in its run so the word of mouth intel by the time I see it is usually considerable. And the uncrowded theater for those 11 a m matinees a few weeks into the film’s run are ALWAYS well worth the wait. Some films you simply are forced to see just to prove they are as bad as you’ve been told.

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I didn’t look at the producer. Don’t know who he is anyway, and no, I haven’t seen “Deathproof.”

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Hateful 8 was great. I don’t think Tarantino films are for you. They are intricate in conversation and usually have a very dark sense of humor.
Not that you can’t follow intricate things, just saying that you don’t appreciate the humor like a Tarantino fan does.

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Never heard of Quentin Tarantino?
Jennifer Jason Leigh was great in the hatefull 8.

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Oh, I caught the “humor,” and followed the plot with no effort, but it was still disgusting. Violent “humor” is not my cup of tea. I don’t see how anyone could view them punching and elbowing the shit out of a defenseless woman, in the face, “funny.”

Yes, I’ve heard the name, @ARE_you_kidding_me, and I know it’s associated with movie-making, but that’s all. Perhaps it is because I I am not drawn to violent, gory movies that the name doesn’t come up on my radar that often.

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Well, I admit to having a somewhat sick sense of humor so I deeply enjoyed most Tarantino films. They also are not usually as intellectually vacant as most Hollywood films have been over the last couple of decades.

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@Dutchess_III It’s a Tarantino movie. Tarantino’s movies are always VERY violent and bloody. If you’ve never heard of him and have never seen any other Tarantino movies, I can see why you’d be shocked.

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I got that @Rarebear. I’ve heard of him, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of his films before now. I’ll never see another! I’ll sure make sure I check before I rent.

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No I don’t get disappointed often like that. This is how they make a living, pay the mortgage, put food on the table for their family etc. etc. Not everyone has the financial freedom to hold out for Oscar worthy projects I greatly respect those who do but not everyone can do that.

I think Kurt Russell is just glad that any director is willing to give him the time of day and especially one of Tarantinos caliber. For regardless of the fact that he specializes in violence as an art form, Tarantino,is widely regarded as a brilliant filmmaker.

It’s just not your cup of tea and that’s understandable. But don’t be blaming poor Kurt for not turning down Tarantino. His Disney days are long past and he’s just doing his job. He’s an actor so everything happening to that woman is pretend. That’s why it’s called acting.

I remember that a year or so after the show Criminal Minds began, Mandy Patinkin bowed out even tho he was the lead actor in the show. He did fulfill his contract but then wouldn’t sign for another year. He said it was just too depressing and soul destroying to spend every working day dealing with the grim facts of violence regarding the serial killers and the cases portrayed.

But he has the leisure to do that because he has little difficulty finding other roles because he is a highly regarded actor with an impressive resume. But yet there are numerous other actors on that series with also sterling reputations (like Joe Mantegna, for one) who can compartmentalize better and not have the violence effect them personally.

So, I neither blame Mantegna for staying for years nor Patinkin for leaving. It’s a job called acting. It’s not reality. Kurt Russell knows this also so nothing to be disappointed about. As long as what he’s doing on the screen isn’t leaking into his real life relationships, I have nothing to be disappointed about.

On the other hand, I absolutely abhor someone who played a candy sweet role for years whilst drugging and raping women in real life for years. Do the names Dr. Huxtable and Bill Cosby ring a bell here.

Violence on movie screens is pretend. Why should I be disappointed in an actor for simply doing his job? That’s what they get paid for.

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After Kurt dumped Goldie, I stopped liking his movies.

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At least watch pulp fiction

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What movies? He sure wasn’t working that much :)

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I wonder if he even needed to anymore.

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Overboard was great. So was Tombstone.

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Yeah, I guess a little, if I’ve gone to the movie solely because I like the actor, but it really doesn’t happen that often. And I love going to movies, so the disappointment quickly fades because there’s a new one to think about.

@Dutchess_III: I don’t much like Tarantino, either, and I’ve been accused of not liking his stuff because I “don’t get it.” I get it, just don’t like it. Kinda like how I personally feel about football. :-)

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What’s not “to get,” you know? I get the plot, I get the humor, but for me, any redeeming factor is totally overshadowed by the grotesque brutality.

Will Smith’s movies are usually good. I didn’t care for the one where he’s the last person (pretty much) on earth….but he’s one of the few actors that can do scene after scene with no other human being in the picture.
Speaking of football, he starred in “Concussion.” I thought he did a marvelous job. He had that African accent down, perfectly. Same with “Ali.” He’s a very meticulous actor. When he was doing Prince of Belair he memorized not only his lines, but everyone elses’ too. You can sometimes see him moving his lips as they recite their lines, but he tried not to.

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That’s what Tarantino movies are about, though. This is a flawed analogy, but say you want to go see a Jackie Chan movie. When you see a Jackie Chan movie, you expect a certain kind of action (martial arts) and humor. When you go see a M. Night Shyalaman movie, you expect a certain kind of suspense horror (I can’t stand him, but it serves the example). Same thing with Tarantino movies—you expect brutal graphic violence.

But if you want to see a Tarantino movie with a more intricate plot, I recommend Inglorious Basterds (sic). It’s not my favorite, but it’s arguably his most rich.

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Yes, but not usually due to violence. More due to waste of talent in a film I don’t like much, which for me is usually because it’s so much dumber than my bar requires for making sense and enjoying something that’s not an intentionally surreal farce. Max von Sydow may have a high score for letting me down, as he keeps taking dull roles in dull-minded films, such as Judge Dredd and The Farce Awakens.

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I didn’t know much about Tarantino, and didn’t read anything beyond the plot before I rented it. I know now to avoid his movies @Rarebear. However, I shall consider watching Inglorious Basterds (sic) based on my doctor’s advice, but I shall sue you for malpractice if it makes me SIC!!!

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I don’t care for Tarantino, either.

But no, it doesn’t bug me. I really enjoy Liam Neeson, and I’m 95% sure he’s never turned down a role no matter how bad, as long as they were willing to pay him.

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I didn’t like him either when I first saw his movies. Tarantino is really a taste thing. Like black licorice.

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I want to ask a question about “acquired taste” but I’m all out of questions. How does one acquire a taste for something that is distasteful when you first experience it? Why would you want to do that?

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I don’t care for over the top blood and guts movies, and yes I am disappointed when an actor I really like is in a flop.

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@Dutchess_III Tastes change. I used to not like progressive metal, but I listen to it all the time now. I used to not like single malt scotch, but I love it now.

In the case of me and Tarantino, everything changed with Kill Bill. I saw that movie (I prefer part 1, but most prefer part 2) and turned into a huge fan. I loved that movie, and with that lens I went back and rewatched Pulp Fiction and realized what a masterpiece it is.

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I’ll just add that The Hateful Eight is NOT a masterpiece. Of all the Tarantino movies I’ve seen (and there are two I haven’t yet) it’s at the bottom of the list. I still liked it, but most of his work I like better. And I won’t go out of my way to see it again.

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Another good question might be ‘do actors you don’t like, ruin / downgrade, a movie you otherwise would have liked?’

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Yes, actually.

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I’m disappointed at rotten movies, plain and simple. I never blame the actors for that because I know the people who are responsible for a shitty movie are the director and the screenwriter. I’m just sad that the good actor had to act in such a bad movie, especially when he is in my favorite list and I know he could have done much more.

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The Hateful Eight is better than a lot of Kurt Russell movies. Big Trouble in Little China and Escape From L.A. for example.
My favorite KR film is The Thing, which is certainly gorey.

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Just going to say the 80’s remake of the thing.

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filmfan , I GA’d you because of how awesome the thing was, not because I didn’t like the other movies you mentioned.
Has no one mentioned Tango n Cash?

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Backdraft was good back in the day too.

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Tango and Cash??? If you like that, you’ll like Tequila Sunrise.

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Nah, it’s like when you fancy a girl at school & you turn around to gaze upon her beauty, only to see her picking her nose.
Look away before the moment ruins the “bigger picture” as it were

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Maybe prefer the Teletubbies next time :)
Hateful 8 is an amazing movie, but to answer the question anyway, most actors don’t get to choose where to appear. If you have to make a living, or at least get known (speaking about the ones who aren’t big names yet) you just have to play any role you can. Which obviously was not the case here.

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Halle Berry is a good actress in many movies but her role in Cat Woman not only makes her look like a crappy actress but also tarnish the movie representation of cat woman. Script writers and bad producers should be the ones to blame when previously good actors/ess suddenly turn in to lame actors/ess.

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Escape from LA was, I think, a take-off from Escape from New York. I think that was KR’s first movie outside of Disney. I remember thinking that The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes had turned into a hunk, and he didn’t seem particularly comfortable with it. But…these are just impressions and I could be all wrong.

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Dutchess, of course it was a sequel to Escape from NY. Escape from LA was better. Still ‘Snake’ though.

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But was New York his first foray outside of feel-good Disney movies?

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Uh….That I don’t know. I think I’m too young (for once) to remember him in disney movies. The 2st movie I remember him in was Big Trouble in Little China. I could Google it. But I don’t prefer to find answers that way. I use Google as a last resort.

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Why? That’s like saying you refuse to go to the library to do research.

Anyway, Here is some info on him.

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Dutchess. I’m a odd man. I prefer to say, observe a creature that I find curious, (like spiders) rather than go straight to the brilliant wealth of knowledge that is the Internet. I will usually ask Google about observations I have made, to see if that is the conclusion others reached. That’s actually how I found Fluther! I asked Google what spiders think or something like that, and it led me here…I’ve since enjoyed it immensely. Thank you all for allowing me to be here.

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I wouldn’t call them rotton movies, though they may be movies I didn’t happen to care for.

(Loved Hateful Eight, by the way…!)

We tend to place entertainers, especially actors and singers, in a box because of particular performances in the past. We expect these people to maintain standards that may actually have nothing to do with the work being offered them or even what they want to do. Given the competition and the market, some of these entertainers are lucky to be working at all. Prince (RIP) was a prime example. Loved his earlier work, but I couldn’t stand a great deal of his later recordings. Yet, he was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to record what he wanted to record and remained hugely popular until the day of his death. I remained a fan despite finding his later catalogue unappealing and would literally jump at the chance to see him perform…if I could afford a ticket.

So the movie or the album or whatever it is “sucks”. Maybe the next one will be better.

Things change.
People change.

Life goes on.

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