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Would you alter your appearance (in a way you don't like) for a job that would be either a lateral move , or a replaceable job?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16911points) July 11th, 2016

Some jobs I’ve applied for have really weird facial hair policies. One place said I could have a mustache, but nothing else. I’ve had my goatee / beard for a long time, either short cropped, or currently pretty long. I feel like it’s part of my identity or something. Can’t explain why, but I would feel naked , without it.
I’m ok with covering my tattoos (although it’s hard) and needing to be well kept. Although I think covering tattoos is kind of old thinking now too , unless the tattoo has nudity, profanity, or offensive icons, I think it should be up to the management of each individual store to enforce a coverage of the image.
I would understand the facial hair thing a little better if I was applying for a food/beverage or surgery unit. But WTF does a person’s appearance have to do with work ethic, punctuality, and competence?

For example, if a Jewish person couldn’t work somewhere because they wear a yamica ( hope I spelled that right. ..) Isn’t that a form of discrimination similar to freedom of speach, and expression?

I understand why companies might have these certain rules, but would YOU change for employment of a lateral move type job?
I won’t.

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It would totally depend on how desperate I was for the employment.
I turned down a fairly good company because they didn’t allow beards,and have had a beard for as long as I could grow one, I do like them trimmed nice and short but they said that didn’t matter.

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It would depend on how badly I needed the job.

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I’m guessing that a “lateral move job” means that you have a job but would be applying for a similar job at a different company for some reason?

No, I would not.
It’s like a bad relationship – trying to force the other person to change to suit what you want. I’d look for some place mutually compatible.

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Ibstubro, that’s what’s going on. Just trying to get up, like Dutchess. And no doubt all of us.
Yeah, I have a job, but it’s tourist based. So when summer ends , I have less going on at my main job. I used to supplement my main job, by working part time at a sporting goods store. Now I’m in the hunt again, for a part time job…Yippie:(

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No. But I am willing to start brushing my teeth and using bath soap. If the price is right. ~

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Thanks seek. I meant no disrespect to anyone who wears one. I’m just theologically ignorant. As far as the details. I’ve never gotten too far into a religion before I got hung up by a thing called logic. But it’s still their right to wear them pretty much anywhere. Most tattoos are based on personal view points, like religions. Why are tattoos and facial hair so bad?

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But requiring the use of hand sanitizer is a deal breaker for me. I won’t buy black shoes anymore.

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I would if I had to but I am also mostly shaved and no piercings or visible tattoos.

In my line of work I have had to hire people that have to go to peoples houses and work on their computers for hours. These people are generally elderly and I am sorry but if you have a mohawk and gauges you simply can’t be the face of my company.

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I have, in the past. At one time I went about four years without a shave or haircut. Then I needed a day job because my music wasn’t paying the bills. It was in the kitchen of a major hotel, servicing four establishments including a 5-star restaurant. I shaved for the second interview, which greatly impressed the chef. He made the offer right there.

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I would do it (as long as it’s reasonable). My husband does it.

I can see not being willing to do it if you would not feel like yourself. If you would be altering your looks in a way that you never have, and it would feel like an identity crisis.

My husband has cut his hair from long to “clean cut” short. He has shaved for work reasons, not because it was required, but because on my advice he went along. But, he most of his life has been shaven, and about 60%-70% of his adulthood has had his hair short.

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Back when long hair was fashionable for men, I quit two jobs because they wanted me to cut mine. I had just gotten out of the military and bygawd I was going to wear my hair any way I chose. But those were not great jobs. Later on I got a great job and I prettied myself up and wore a tie because that was part of the job. I resent people thinking I am for sale but they want the price to be cheap.

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I can imagine a job worthy of a haircut. So the 2 factors are how much I crave the job, and the extent of the revisions to my appearance.

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If I needed the job and the change was something simple and not permanent, such as a different hair cut, yes.

I used to get my daughter’s photos taken at a department store portrait place where we loved this one photographer. She told me she had tattoos but the rules of the place were she had to have them covered up with long sleeves, so that’s what she did.
NY Yankees (baseball team for those that may not know) rules are no facial hair. You want to be a Yankee, no beards. You want to insist on having a beard? You can’t be a Yankee.

As someone said above, some places may not want you to have things like ear gauges. If I had that stuff and a job said please don’t wear it, I wouldn’t wear it.

Where I work, there’s a dress code. My office does not have to follow it, but the other offices do. If I want to work there, I have to follow it too, or get sent home.

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I have no problem with that. I always know my good qualities despite what my current appearance might be. You can treat it as cosplaying, the required appearance only last at work and you can be anyone you want after the work.

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I like unusual and colorful clothing and bright make-up because it entertains me and improves my mood. Although, there are people who have an opposite opinion. So I try to look modest not to irritate my co-workers. But in my free time, I wear what I want. That’s how I keep a balance.

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Sure, if I need the job.

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You can’t not wear ear gauges. Well, you can, but the empty holes are probably going to scare the conservatives even worse.

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Anyone who has ear gauges needs to get a grip and realize they have reduced their chances of getting certain types of jobs. @itstubro is right, you can’t just take them out and your ear looks normal. My second hole in my left ear is a pinhole piercing, and I wear an earring in it for a few hours once every 4 or 5 years, and it’s always open.

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