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Do you ask enough questions, or are you happily settling for what you know already?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) July 11th, 2016

(I ask plenty, even if I may have not been paying attention. What about you guys?)

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I used to ask a lot, until I just ran out of things to ask. I ask when I need to. Don’t worry about asking too much because it means you just have a curious mind :)

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How can I know if I ask enough questions?

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I can’t possibly know if they are enough, but I know I ask many :) Actually, some of my teachers didn’t like me because I always asked too many questions.

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I’ve never been reluctant to ask questions about things I don’t know, in fact, my profession, advertising and marketing, made it a must. But as I get older I realize two things:

1) I feel increasingly overwhelmed by the amount of things I don’t (and never will) know
2) I’m increasingly wary of the sources who (that) give me answers

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I ask on fluther frequently that I know.. not sure if that’s enough..) You tell me..

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I continue to ask questions. Something I hate, though, is when a response is, “You mean you don’t already know that? Are you stupid?” Well, shit. There was a time they didn’t know “that” either. Someone taught them.
Of course, people like that would not be a good teacher.

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I am very curious. I read. I don’t ask many questions on sites like this.

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I am very inquisitive. I have so many questions! But I know it can be annoying. So I torture people only in two cases:
i) when I need an answer badly. I can be very persistent at that time.
ii) when someone I ask don’t mind. Sometimes people get even excited because I give them an opportunity to demonstrate how clever they are. I am happy I’ve got an information needed and they are happy to show their intelligence, too. I like this variant the most.

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