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Could i legally get in trouble?

Asked by greenmonster (1points) July 30th, 2008

Okay so i am not over the age of twenty-one. A few weekends ago we had a birthday party for my friend and there was alcohol. We all took pictures and you can tell we’re drunk and you can see beer and liquor in some of the pictures. One of my friends brought them to our school and our security guard took them. Now all the pictures of us are at the police station. Should i be waiting for a ticket or will i not get in trouble?

btw: i might add that i live in a small town.

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Are you in California? You can legally drink at 18 here in Cal provided it’s in your own home.

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No i live in Texas and i am seventeen.

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You’re pretty much fucked.


Probably nothing will happen. How small of a town?

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Chuck, where’d you hear that? The drinking age in CA is 21, regardless of location – or so I thought.

And greenmonster – expect a phone call to the parents. All a part of learning how to make smart choices.

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Egh this is why we dont take pictures when your doing something illegal.

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@Pup- Only outside the home. Also, in CA you can legally drink anywhere 24 hours before your 21st birthday, although I don’t know of anyplace that abides by this anymore. Nor do I understand the reasoning behind it.

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@trumigoodboy;We have almost 4,000 people.
@uberbatman; I completely agree, I will not be letting anyone take my picture while doing so.

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4000… Probably just a phone call then, I agree with Dave.

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@ Chuck – I’m gonna call you on that. No one under 21 in California is allowed to possess or consume alcohol according to the references I just looked up.

Can you post a link backing up the 18-at-home law?

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According to this site, in California a person under 21 can possess alcohol (family exception and location exception), but not consume it. However, I’ve heard the 18-in-house thing also and my friend says it’s legit (and both her parents are cops).

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I agree with uber. As a matter of fact, those were the exact words I told myself to use as a response. =)

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@greenmonster you needed something like this

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i’m thinking even a mediocre attorney could show that due process was violated in taking those pictures from you, and such eveidence would be inadmissible. more likely your school will use it as a scare tactic to keep alcohol from being served at parties, but nothing further will come of it.

On a related note, teens should be very careful with alcohol – bad stuff happens, passed out chicks / rape charges post facto, drunk driving, drunken head injuries. my advice – just avoid alcohol until you’re older.

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If they make an issue of it, you could stage some other “looks like we’re getting drunk” pictures with a witness that it was staged and you were all sober, along perhaps with some “looks like we’re axe-murdering each other” pictures.

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I’m not sure the due process argument would fly. As it was a public school (so I’m assuming), the expectation of privacy is not the same as elsewhere. How else could they get away with drug dogs sniffing cars and lockers?

Of course I’m no attorney.

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Legally no. They will not prosecute you over some pictures. They have to actually catch you with some booze in your hand or car or locker to charge you with underage alcohol possession. And you need alcohol on your breath and in your bloodstream to be charged with underage consumption. They might call your momma though.

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