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What is your idea of the perfect comfort food?

Asked by NerdyKeith (5464points) July 13th, 2016
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Lobster mac n cheese. Shit, now I’m hungry.

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Beef ribs and egg nog. With a side of scalp potatoes.

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Hot open-faced turkey sandwich with mashed potatoes and plenty of gravy.

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Turkey or chicken pot pie. Make sure it has crust on the bottom.

A certain jelly posted a picture on Facebook the other day of a Homemade Michigan Pasty, covered in gravy. Looked delicious!

I think gravy is key to true comfor t food.

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In February 2010 I found a recipe for cheesecake. 28 days later I realized that I had eaten 32 pounds of the stuff. My waist is still 4 inches bigger than it used to be.

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@zenvelo Oh yes – pot pies, crust on the bottom, definitely do it for me too. One of my favorite things to make after Thanksgiving.

An English pie shop opened up in a town near me. Yum!

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the perfect brisket, mac and cheese and collards. Don’t forget the banana pudding. that is 2nd to my wife of course

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In cold weather all of the above. Mashed potatoes, mac-n-cheese, pot pies, cinnamon sugar toast, stuffing, hot bread with butter, tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwich.
There is no comfort food of summer. maybe ice cream. haha

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chocolate chip brownies

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I just had a blueberry eggo and syrup sandwich. Was ok. Toaster strudels are good comfort food.

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Definitely pasta with any kind of creamy sauce. Or stew. I love stew so much.

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A whole bag of chocolate chip cookies and milk.

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Mac and cheese, poached eggs on toast, egg salad sandwich, ham salad on white bread, cheeseburger, hotdog, malted milkshake, and my fave, grilled cheese sandwich with a thin slice of tomato baked in with creamy tomato soup.

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@Pachy What have you been drinking?

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@Pachy Your face is comforting? Well that’s good. haha

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Anything I don’t have to do the washing-up after.

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Homemade chicken pot pie.

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^^ So many things I used to cook but don’t any more.

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@johnpowell Oh, i forgot I like Lipton noodle soup!

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Fried Mac n Cheese bites dipped in spicy Ranch Dressing.

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@Coloma There are comfort foods of summer – a nice juicy grilled cheeseburger with tomato, lettuce, and a slice of onion.

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Perfectly ripe avocado with salt and pepper. With perfectly mixed strawberry Kool-aide.

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Chow Fun with Chinese Broccoli

(NOT to be confused with Chow Mein which is an American abomination.)

Chow Fun uses wide rice noodles which are soft and gooey if done correctly. It takes a lit of chef skill to do Chow Fun correctly without ruining it and it’s difficult to find a Chinese restaurant in America which even has it on the menu, much less does a proper job of it. And Chinese Broccoli is very different from the American type. Picture here:
When I lived in Philly there was a terrific Chinese place at 9th and Race that did it right and it was heavenly.

Failing to find proper Chow Fun, I’ll settle for a big bowl of Vietnamese Pho.

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Lipton noodle soup!


Mrs. Grass’s chicken soup!!! And the above-mentioned grilled cheese with tomato.


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Grilled cheese or cinnamon toast.

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Still warm and gooey rice crispy squares from the cook pot.

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Okay…not exactly a comfort food maybe, but a summer time favorite.
I just had a bowl of sliced strawberries with strawberry yogurt on top. Yummy!

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See, my definition of “comfort” food is when a person eats when they feel down to give themselves a carb high & they aren’t necessarily hungry
That being the case, I have no urge to seek comfort in eating, an unhealthy habit to get into

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Pancakes with strawberry syrup, bacon, and a cup of coffee.

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Chicken Döner. mmmmhhhh

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Grits. (Must be done right though.)

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A bar of chocolate or KP salted peanuts.

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Schweinshaxe since we are talking german food too.

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When I lived in Germany (East Germany ) schnitzel was a common part of my diet. It kinda reminds me of thin cut pork chops here in the USA.

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I nice bowl of thick Soljanka. Hmmmmm

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Mac and cheese.

Baked chicken with rice, and the natural juice from the chicken put on the rice.

Homemade apple pie (not just any homemade apple pie, but homemade apple pie like my family makes it).

Homemade strawberry shortcake (made a certain way – too much to type).

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Thanksgiving dinner.

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I had pasta in all 3 of my meals today. I probably have an addiction.

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Anything with bacon and/or chocolate.

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Ice cream sandwiches!

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My sign name is based off of the sign for pasta.

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Since it’s summer, I make a lot of ice cream. But lately I have started making granita.


1 cup lemon juice
¾ cup sugar
2 cups water
1 TBSP lemon zest (I use dried lemon peel)
½ tsp citric acid (more if you want it extra sour)

Chill a cookie sheet in the freezer. Mix all ingredients in a blender and divide into zipper sandwich bags. That is just over ½ cup each in 7 bags. Expel all the air and lay the bags flat on the cookie sheet and let them freeze. Lay a frozen bag on the counter and beat the ice into submission, then serve in a small bowl.

The original recipe would have you use a pan, with sides, no bags, and scrape the ice up with a fork. My pans have non-stick coatings so they can’t stand to be forked with. You do what you like.

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OMG! I went out for lunch with my daughter at a Mels Diner here yesterday and they serve breakfast all day.
I ordered Eggs Benedict for the first time in about 10 years. It was DIVINE! Something I never make at home.

It came with a heap of house fried potatoes with peppers and onionsand avocado on the side and a bowl of strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew melon.
Truly a premiere culinary orgasm of epic proportions. haha

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Hot summer day… cream sandwich! I’m with @Coloma there.

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@Dutchess_III Now I really want one!

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Mmmmmm! Ice cream sammich! We used to get some from an ice cream truck that had a penguin on it!

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Now you know my day job!

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Baked mac and cheese

Split pea soup

Cream of mushroom soup

Pancakes with butter and real maple syrup

Banana bread hot out of the oven

Gingerbread cake

Homemade biscuits with honey and butter

Peanut butter cookies

Tater tots with ketchup

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oooh I love cream of mushroom soup and gingerbread and biscuits with honey. Shit..I have to go to bed now before I raid the kitchen. haha

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Warm brownies with ice cold milk.

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@RedDeerGuy1…I just caught your comment. It’s “scallop” potatoes. They call them that because they’re cut in a wavy pattern, like a scallop, which refers to any number of salt water clams.

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