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Why is my nose always clogged up with boogs!

Asked by ava (977points) July 30th, 2008

I feel like perhaps my nose is stuffed full of boogs more than the average person. I’m always blowing or picking (with a tissue covered finger of course) them out…its exhausting! My boyfriend blows his nose probably only when he is sick. What’s wrong with me? What can I do to stop the influx of these awful boogs?! Is it because I had my nose done? Is it too small now so I just have to empty it more often? What’s the deal? I need advice.

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You should get an evaluation from an otolaryngologist (formerly known as an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor). There are a number of potential reasons for this, including allergic rhinitis (allergies), chronic sinus infections and nasal polyps. An exam +/- nasal endoscopy will help determine what is going on.

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i feel the same way! but for me, it’s not so much boogers as my nose is a faucet! It’s just wet all the time! I’m always dabbing my nose with tissues. if i run out of them, it’s like a crisis for me! while i think shilolo makes an excellent point it’s probably allergies.

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@tiny and la chica. While allergies are a standard fall-back diagnosis, and do in fact afflict a large number of people, there are many other things that could cause this (I listed only 3). Clearly, the problem is bothersome to Ava (and to you, La Chica), and simply saying “allergies” may not indicate the true nature of the problem or provide the correct treatment.

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I concede to you shilolo. I just threw my guess in there.

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getting a good boog is quite satisfying.

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It is kind of gross but I use a Neti pot now to help with allergies and colds. It is like a tea pot of salt water that you pour through one nostril and out the other. It is very soothing once it is done. You can watch videos online by searching for Neti pot. It is an interesting sensation but I recommend it.

You can buy them at local drugstores in the allergy/cold section for less than $15.

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All of this is excellent advice. When it comes to allergies, dairy-based reactions are quite common. Try eating no dairy for 10 days or so and see what happens. Do the boogs disappear? Then, you’ll have some data to bring to the doc when you can make it in.

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Dairy based allergies are rarely the cause of nasal symptoms. Nasal symptoms are typically due to pollens, molds, pet danders and insects.

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Of course, you’re correct, Shilolo, that’s why I whispered ;-) . When I had a cough for like 6 weeks I went to the doc, and he told me it was allergies, and that my faucet was allergies too, but when I asked him what I was allergic to, he said it could be pretty much anything, but the strongest probability was ozone. Can you believe that? How am i supposed to get any relief? There’s ozone even in the middle of winter!

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Your doctor told you that you are allergic to ozone? Really? Your doctor needs a brief primer on immunology. Ozone (O3) is not something you can become allergic to. It can be an irritant and possibly exacerbate asthma/allergy symptoms (through unknown mechanisms), but you cannot be allergic to it.

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well maybe that’s what he said. i’m not 100%. it all seemed really wacky to me. he didn’t give me anything else i could pin down. just ozone.
he also told me to take claratin, which had about the same effect as if i had swallowed a tablespoon of oregano everyday, so i don’t have a lot of faith in that dude, to say the least.

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i know this is a serious question but i just had to point out the fact that i have a baby sister named ava whose nose is always stuffy so this question made me laugh out loud.

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Dry climate? This is what living in Colorado does to people. If you have an infection , you’ll have either a temperature and/or feel weak.

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