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In regard to recent Presidential elections, isn't it curious how conservative hopefuls so closely emulate the traits driving the business of "professional" wrestling?

Asked by stanleybmanly (22359points) July 15th, 2016

I mean if you made these people up, could you pass them off as real?

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Well, actually, Donald Trump has been involved with WWF/E several times over the past couple of decades*...

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Politics has always been theater. The Republicans have just embraced that fact more thoroughly than the Democrats. It’s one of the few GOP traditions that actually goes back to Lincoln (who was a master showman).

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Yes, and the world as presented by a Democrat is always a Charles Dickens novel. So… ?

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Yes, but in former times, it was the Democrats that could claim the “colorful” characters.

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I would draw a different parallel.

Think of the movie The Poseidon Adventure. They’re on a cruise ship, enjoying themselves, when a huge wave flips the ship upside down. Most of the people die, but a stalwart few climb up the overturned ship, reach the bottom (which is now on the top) and are rescued.

Compare that to the Republican party, the 16 candidates, the Trump wave….

Just remember that in the movie, almost everyone dies.

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It’s not surprising at all. They appeal to our most base fears and desires. It is a blast from our past: see Neanderthal Behavior

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@stanleybmanly. It’s ironic you mention the correlation. One of my men that works for me is a former pro wrestler. He loves Trump. He’s such a good guy, that I rarely have the heart to put his words in check. I’m hopeful that this is all some sort of bad dream, and when elections are over America will awaken. Crusty eyed , and with their butt hole hurting for some reason. Again, can’t think of much I like about Hillary, but truly the lesser of two evils.

‘If they were made up, could these characters pass as real?’
You and I both know that the ‘truth is stranger than fiction.’ And this election has been as strange as it gets.FTW…..

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I’ve said all along that Trump is playing this election like a Reality-TV game show.

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@MrGrimm888 it would be an interesting exercise to poll wrestling fans on the suitability of Trump as President.

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Indeed. Maybe predictable.

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Yes, curious and tragic.

What could be sadder than Cruz sneaking up behind Trump and hitting him over his orange Trump stump with a chair- Chris Crispy belly-bombing a poor, defenseless Mike Pence?

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@Brian1946 What could be sadder…
or funnier!

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