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What is the most significant political issue of the day?

Asked by aaronou (735points) July 30th, 2008

I suppose we’ll all be voting soon enough, and I was wondering what is going to catch your attention with the candidates. We’ve got international, domestic, social, and economic issues of several kinds facing the American public. Iraq, Prison Reform, Oil/Energy Resources, Education, a Recessive Economy…Which of these is most important to you? And you are welcome to say why. I’d be betting a majority of flutherers will be supporting Obama, but maybe I am wrong.

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1. economy
2. Iraq war
3. health care
4. education
5. political corruption
6. immigration
7. aliens taking over the world

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Personally, human rights. This encompasses the stopping of enhanced interrogation techniques and other torture-related matters, as well as the protection of a woman’s right to choose and the lobbying for marriage equality.

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Health care. If there’s any small thing wrong with you or someone you love, you’ll say the same thing. This system is horrid.

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I’m gonna go ahead and ignore that this question assumes Fluther is US only.

Around here, this is one of the most interesting political topics at the moment – IMO.

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@wildflower – I do not assume that all flutherers are from the United States, though I wouldn’t doubt the majority of it is. I simply wanted to ask a question that pertained directly to the current political state of affairs of the United States. I apologize that this question does not entirely allow for all flutherers to respond. I’m sure there are a number of questions on here that do not relate to all people on fluther, such as that there are so many iphone questions, and not all flutherers have an iphone (I don’t).

That being said, I am glad you chose to ignore that the question was meant for U.S. citizens in order that you could enlighten us on the issue of abortion playing a significant political role in Europe at the moment.

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Thanks for the clarification. Just felt compelled to add something after reading the “we’ll all be voting soon..” in reference to the US election.

Abortion isn’t necessarily a big topic across Europe, but it’s an interesting initiative being taken in Ireland (at the risk of ruffling the feathers of my host country), which has a slightly backwards take on it and currently only allows it if the woman’s life is at risk – and suicidal tendencies do not count.

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Number one, in my opinion, is the economy.

I agree with Lefteh, so I would make human rights is a close second. This encompasses so much that has gone so far afield that it needs to be addressed immediately. In addition to the things he mentioned I would include separation of church and state under this umbrella because as the right infiltrates so many levels of government, that line is becoming blurred and I consider religious freedom a basic human right.

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Well since wildflower added her two cents I thought would too :)
I think right now in Australia the most prominent issue is the proposed policy for climate change, or the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme. (No I haven’t read it…;) ) The problem is the Labour Government and Kevin Rudd are all talk-talk-talk-propose-speculate-create-a-committee-to-look-into-it-talk-some-more and no action.

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First, the economy has to be stabilized. Part of that will include getting our troops out of Iraq (cost of the war to date: $541,144,382,218).

New initiatives are needed in Health Care, Energy, and Education. Restoration of civil rights. Renewal of pre-Bush human rights initiatives.

There is a lot to be done.

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I had a philosophy teacher who once told me that there is really only one issue in American politics—whether the system rewards labor, or whether it rewards capital. All the other issues were just flags to attract you to one side or the other. I’m not sure I believe it, but it can sometimes be a useful lens to see things through.

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