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My ex is acting weird... Am I wrong to be annoyed?

Asked by Sunshinegirl11 (1107points) July 15th, 2016 from iPhone

So I dated this guy 5–6 years ago. We only dated for 8 months. During that time, he was very manipulative, clingy, controlling, etc. I eventually broke it off with him. After breaking it off, he stalked me for the longest time. One day I was with my personal trainer and my ex just happened to show up where we were. My personal trainer threatened to call the police. That is when my ex stopped stalking me.

Anyway for the last year or so, my ex has contacted me multiple times asking for my dads number and address. My dad is a physician and my ex wanted to shadow him… I gave him my dads number but not his address. So he shadowed my dad and he wanted a letter of recommendation. My dad did not want to write him one.

Well now my ex messaged me AGAIN asking for my dads number again! I don’t know why! I never messaged him back because of two reasons. 1.) My dad and I both can’t say no, so I think I put my dad in an awkward position
2.) How dare he treat me the way he did and then come back and expect me to be open to him contacting my dad. I gave him my dads number once out of pure guilt, he should have enough responsibility to hold onto it. And why did he want my dads address??

This is really bothering me. Am I wrong to be so upset?

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No. You’re not wrong to be upset. Personally I’d speak to the police and ask them to have a nice polite word with him about never contacting you again.

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Quit responding to him, period.

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Block his number if you can. No means no.

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Block his number.

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Nah fuck this guy. I agree, don’t talk to him.

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You shouldn’t have given him your dad’s number in the first place.

I’d respond “Please stop contacting me.” That’s it. No more responses after that. Block his number if he harasses you. I also don’t understand why if your dad is a physician and this guy wants his number, he can’t google it?

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I blocked him, so hopefully I don’t hear from him again. I realize I shouldn’t have given him my dads number in the first place. But if he’s telling the truth, then he doesn’t have my dads number anymore.
@jca that’s what I was thinking! And out of all of the physicians in the world, why my dad? I would never go to any of my exes parents. It just seems so out of place and weird

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@Sunshinegirl11 One of my exes became weirdly buddies with my mom after I broke up with him. It was fucking infuriating. I think it’s something they do to maintain some power/connection to our lives.

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@Sunshinegirl11 He dares to treat you that way BECAUSE YOU LET HIM!

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@Mariah I could see that being very frustrating! But my dad and him were never close, in fact my dad was never fond of him so it’s just weird.
@si3tech We dated 5–6 years ago. I was young and had low self esteem, so I see your point. Fortunately I’ve changed a lot since then

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