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What do you do on those "dog days" of summer?

Asked by janbb (53622points) July 15th, 2016

Couple hot and humid days here. Yesterday, I did go to the beach but today I am chillin’ at home after a short bike ride and pool dip. Catching up on paperwork, reading and watching some Netflix. Trying to keep from putting food in my mouth every five minutes. What are your dog day activities?

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Hanging at home with the dogs, cold drinks, cold food, good book. It’s a bit of a bear keeping the puppy from overplaying and over heating…

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Stay inside and read books. Too hot outside for anything.

36 days over 90 degrees in Atlanta this summer, and it’s only mid-July.

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Oh, go to the lake. Sit outside in the evenings and listen to the cicadas. Watch the fire flies.

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Walk the dog early morning, read, housework, cooking, tidying up generally, bit of grocery shopping sometimes and a lot of ruminating.

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10 months out of the year, I drink water from my Brita pitcher that sits on the counter. About 2 weeks ago, I began adding ice. (And yes, I use water out of the Brita pitcher to make the ice.)

Also, after work, I turn on the window AC unit as soon as I come in the door. I’m sleeping with the one in the bedroom on, too.

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remain indoors

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OMG, these are still the “puppy days” here in Texas—true dog days still to come, two months or more of them. It’s my least favorite time of the year. Me, I stay indoors as much of each waking hour as possible and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate..

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Go outrigger canoe paddling. Actually I paddle an average of 5 miles/day every day of the year (even when it’s freezing cold and stormy in the winter). But I love paddling longer distances when it’s warm out.

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Beer and cigarettes in the dog park.

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@janbb It is 106 degrees now Fahrenheit. The saving grace is that it is dry heat not humid. Good book. Lollygag.

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The aforementioned dog park is the one in Oakhurst.

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Doing it now.
After a crazy busy and active morning/afternoon, from about 11–3, it is now 4:15 p.m. PDT and
I just came in from a swim, well a float. Literally a float.
I spent 30 minutes just floating on my back with my arms extended, drifting, pretending I was floating in the Ocean. haha

I then hopped in a cold shower and am now sitting here with a bottle of ice water and 2 , perfectly ripe peaches on standby. I shall remain inert until the sun goes down now. lol

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Sit in the house, when I’m not working, with the A/C on. Otherwise, drink lots of water, curse the heat, sweat. (SO glad my old truck has a good working A/C!)

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Carry out everything like usual. The hot weather doesn’t affect me that much, and beside I can’t drop my usual work just because of the hot weather. There are occasions that I have to go out. I don’t care though. In the street the women have things like this covering up their bodies, similar to the trench coat. I have one too. Not that it cools me down or something, but at least it protests my skin from sunburn.

Maybe the only thing Ido differently is spending time with the air conditioner. My family has only one room for the conditioner and we gather there to sleep. Other than that, the conditioner is mostly untouched.

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I absolutely LOVE the heat! I prefer open windows to air conditioning, both at home and in the car (until the Mr. overrules me). At least for me, hot temperatures are comforting, humidity feels like a hug, and bright sun is restorative.

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Spray the garden so it will be cool for the cats to hang out.

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My entire summer consists of going from one air conditioned space to another. (home to car to work to car to home)

I’m basically an air conditioning hermit. Have I mentioned how much I hate summer?

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Days where it’s very hot and humid (like yesterday when it was 93), I’m happy to be at work where I sometimes get too cold from the AC. I’m happy to be with the “free” air conditioning. I can control it as I have access to the control in my office and if I get too cold I can open the window a bit, or just shut the AC fan off.

At home, I may lay on the bed with the ceiling fan on. I have window AC unit, but have not yet had to put it in the window yet so far this summer.

Two weeks ago, it was very hot and we visited a friend with a pool. I went swimming for about a half hour and I found it totally cooled me off for the rest of the day, even though I was sitting outside.

If it’s not too hot, my favorite spot is on my deck, under the umbrella. I live near a lake and it’s not usually terribly hot. There’s often a nice breeze.

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And to really celebrate the dog days, I’ll be sitting for my cousin’s dog while they’re out of town. Cuz, you know, TWO drooling, happy, affectionate, furry creatures that pump out BTUs into a house with no AC is never enough. Hafta add another. These really are the Dog Days of my summer.

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I live near the beach and will go in the morning or late afternoon when it’s really hot; stay indoors midday.

Yesterday, I rode my bike the short distance to a friend’s pool and then swam for a bit. Came home and binge-watched “Friday Night Lights” – something which I rarely do.

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Read, surf the net, wallow with the dog, read some more.

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@chyna: Come to my house with your dog. We can wallow with four dogs! :-)

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@canidmajor Haha, over here we have 6 horses and yesterday I was out checking water and it was hot, 94 or so and it is always amazing how the horses will stand in the sun on the hottest of days regardless of how much shade they have in their paddocks. I was lovin’ on our new spanish mustang ” Profe” and after about 2 minutes next to him I was dying. Talk about BTU’s, horses are like giant furnaces on legs. I’m with @cookieman these days myself, I hate weather over 85 degrees, tops.

The perfect temp is about 74–77 IMO.

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I’ve opened the back door. Nice breeze coming in. It was warm and humid today. Mustn’t grumble.

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I opened mine. Nice “breeze” coming out.

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With one solid month of sunny, humid upper nineties temperatures I stay indoors under central a/c all month with the exception of grocery shopping every ten days in a cold store that i drive to in my cold car. Indoors I Fluther, Facebook, read books, watch Youtube, cook and do all the thankless household chores. I also make sure my doggies are inside nice and hydrated too.
I call it barely being alive and have fantasies of fall color, chilly air and chipmunks. It’s so cute that each fall I can depend on our male dog to come inside with a red or yellow leaf on his back. My love for fall deepens.

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@Coloma: Yes! 70s are ideal for summer.

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Hang out on the deck and squirt the babies with a spray bottle of water.

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Like @Aster, I am indoors with the AC on full blast, emerging only when absolute necessity forces me to the grocery store to stock up on milk and other perishables :)

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Well today, my mom and I binge watched a Netflix series. It was very hot, so we had the ceiling fan going and the iced tea just kept on coming.

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