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Is the Trump / Pence logo phallic?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28854points) July 15th, 2016

See the article

Apparently choosing this logo is turning out to be a major boner.

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I had no idea Trump and Pence were that close.

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This is one time when I’m very glad not to be a journalist. I’m utterly at a loss for words. Crude, vulgar, cheap-looking, and trashy don’t begin to do it justice.

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and another article here

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I thought it was sexual the first second I saw it, but I have delayed mentioning that since it reflects on my current state of mind.

I applaud your details in the OP. Nicely put. Knowing The Donald’s habit of not paying for services, I bet this graphic designer gets stiffed.

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I don’t particular care for it, but I don’t think I’d have seen it as “sexual” until people started saying it.

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HA. Who needs TP for their bunghole?

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I don’t think so. But who am I to say. Perhaps you are right and it’s a subliminal message to win over the LGBT voters.

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Just the “T” part. The rest of the logo is evoking their inner Yoni.

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I actually rather liked the logo but now that this is out there it’s the only thing that I see.

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Toilet paper. That was my first thought.

I was happy to see Cornholio in my fb feed today.

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I still think “G” would have been a much more aggressive bottom to the ticket.
“C” much more playful and creative.
“P” is just gonna lay there for the most part.

If Trump wins, and lives, look for new partners for both the second and third terms.

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And now, one day later, he’s changed it. Apparently he does have an upper limit to his tolerance for ridicule after all.

They must have had to pull this uninspired iteration back out of the waste bin.

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@Jeruba – but I thought Trump always has the best people working for him, and that would have included the best graphic designer.

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