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Major world crises -- How would President Trump handle them?

Asked by Pachy (18592points) July 15th, 2016

One can’t help but wonder and worry how this politically inexperienced china shop bully would perform as Leader of the Free World in times of a major global event such as yesterday’s terrorist attack in France or today’s military coup in Turkey (both U.S. allies, incidentally). What do YOU think?

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Puff and bluster. Shoot from the hip bravado. Insults and derision, and plenty of blame on anyone criticizing him.

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In other words, @stanleybmanly, the same way he handles his wives, his aides, his employees, his political opponents, the Pope, Supreme court justices, Judges, U.S Senators, the Press, and entire ethnic groups and nationalities. My heart sinks.

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The way he handles life itself!

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Not knowing how to respond he would resort to his usual bluster and then the military.

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Guns a blazing, internment camps for Muslims.

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The problem is no one has taken it to court that he didn’t really win against the 16. No biting when you’re in fight competition he bit his opponent and he quote un quote “won”.

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I mean ”...his opponents”

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I’m not sure it would be worse than what we’ve seen over the past few years. Go to a fundraiser or maybe go play golf. Seems we’re use to little or no response at all.

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I think it would depend on the team Trump assembles to run the presidency, and how much he listens to them.

Unfortunately, Trump is seen as damaged goods by the establishment. There are few experienced government officials that are willing to work with him – witness the RNC. Trump is a great delegater, but he has to be able to attract talent to delegate to.

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