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If you , or Fluther, got guardianship over me, how would , or could, you help me?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17703points) July 17th, 2016

Without forcing me to go for walks? humor and serious answers welcome.

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I would teach you to make your own fried chicken so you stop wasting so much money at KFC.

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Or even better, I could teach you yo eat healthy food instead of fried and pizza all day.

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First you would have to make the case to me why I would want guardianship over you.

Second, I would expect that this would be a two way street – if I am going to be your guardian, then there has to be solid commitment from you to keep your end of the bargain. And if you don’t, I could cease the guardianship.

But seriously, you’re a grown man. All of the personal things that you ask about are in and under your control.

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It would be like military school and you would hate my guts but you’ll be a better man in the end and realize you have had the time of your life.

you’re hiking to the tops of mountains, doing calculus and learning python

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I wouldn’t make you go for walks, but you’d want to, to avoid the alternative.

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Your computer would be inaccessible after 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. You would be up and out of bed for the day by 7:30 a.m. And then, you would either go to work, or you would go to your volunteer work.

And your diet would be low to no sugar, low processed foods, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Also, no bug eating, and you would have to clean out whatever is attracting worms under your bed.

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@zenvelo Nooo. I’m suddenly grateful for being an adult.

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@zenvelo Perfect answer. GA! I’ve gotten used to relaxing and being in charge of myself. Great advice.

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No. Nope nope nope.

I’ve had more than my fill of trying to care for people who refuse to care for themselves.

Maybe someone else out there can handle it; but I’m just not that good a person.

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I’d help you find the best doctors/counselors available to you. I’d go with you to the doc appointments to make sure everything was understood on both sides. I’d keep up on the latest research on any issues/diagnoses you have/had and any medications available and try to advise you on those. I’d be sure to get you to any important appointments. I’d be there for you in an emergency.

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Let me turn the question around. You are an adult (chronologically). Why do you think you are in need of guardianship? What would a guardian be able to do for you that you can’t do on your own? Are there basic things in life that you feel you are unable to do? Are there things that you think that you should do, but are lacking in the required self-discipline? Or would you just like someone to give you lots of money for no particularly good reason?

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What makes you think we would want to help you when you don’t seem willing to help yourself?

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I would hire you a life coach that would teach you how to cope, how to cook, how to understand and carry out proper nutrition, how to exercise properly and take care of your mental and physical health, how to help you to either get a job that will take care of your living expenses, or how to get on a better system of aid that would help you live a better more fulfilled life.

If you balked at any of it, I’d drop you like a hot rock. That is what parents do for their children, except they can’t drop them. You aren’t a child.

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