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If someone has split personality and threatens that he or she will commit suicide, can it be considered as holding hostages?

Asked by azaleaaster (171points) July 18th, 2016

Just curious.

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No, I highly doubt it, because split personalities or not, it’s still only one person.

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I doubt you’d have much success prosecuting for theft for using the other personalities car or money either.

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No. Clever question, but no anyway,

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From what little I know, the alternate personalities can come out to save themselves. But….what little I know.

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Personality “C” isn’t threatening Personalites “A” and “B”, just themselves, so no.

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But personalities A & B are aware that they share the same body as C. From what little I know.

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LMAO! Well a big, fat, A+ for imagination. haha
If a person with MPD gets into an accident can they claim their defense as it being their alter egos fault? haha

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