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How much does a mechanic make at a new car dealership?

Asked by blueknight73 (2706points) July 31st, 2008

labor cost

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if it’s a starting dealership, don’t count on a lot for starters, i suggest just asking around for the specifics

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The answer depends on several things: is it a union or non-union shop, where is the dealership located, how much formal training has the mechanic had and what level of work is the mechanic doing.

Here is a site that gives a number of examples based on job and location. Here is one example:

“Checking wages in Los Angeles, California, one will find that an auto technician there makes $34,900 plus $200 in bonuses and overtime. A Level II mechanic earns $45,500 plus $350 in bonuses and overtime. Finally, in California, the Level III mechanic earns $54,900 plus $700 in bonuses and overtime.”

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i was just wondering because, these dealerships charge over 100 dollars a hour labor, and was wondering how much the guy that does the actual work gets

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There is a significant mark-up on labor at a dealership. Once your car is out of warranty, you might look for a good independent mechanic. We have one here in Florida, and it has saved us a ton of money.

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hello i will try to answer your question. i am a 22 year vet working in a ford lincoln mercury dealer. i am the shop forman. i have spent thousands of hours training. i have fords highest level of training.i have all ase training including the advanced drivabilty. i make 33 dollars an hour. that adds up to approx 80,000 a year. i would not take a car or truck to a independant mechanic. they dont have the ability to diagnosis your car properly.most of the independants in the area give me there problem cars to perform diagnosis.when a tech guesses the customer pays give it to a dealer tech and they will give you a proper diagnosis in an hour.

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