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I have a weird sensation in chest and throat, can anyone relate?

Asked by tan253 (2826points) July 18th, 2016

Hi All,
I think my question may not last long.
I have weird sensation in my chest and throat.
It’s really challenging to describe. I have a cold and I’m coughing.
It feels like an air bubble is rising up and I have to cough, when I do it feels better, but then will come back. It doesn’t hurt, doesn’t cause any weird breathing issues. It just feels really weird.
Another way to describe it would be tightness creeping up that goes when I cough? An air bubble or pressure building?
Anyone have any ideas?
My Dr can see me in two days – can’t afford Accident and Emergency and I’ve had it for 24 hours. Thoughts?

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It could be GERD. It sometimes causes a chronic cough but with out the heartburn etc that you would normally associate with it.

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Can GERD cause that weird sensation? I just cancelled a Gastroscopy as I’ve been symptom free for months!

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Nurse just called me and she said you can get pressure and a cough with GERD – anyone else had this?

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You’re sick. Take some cough medicine.

Yes, GERD can cause it too.

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Could that cause the weird sensation @JLeslie ?

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The GERD? Sure. Or, it could just be your illness. I don’t know exactly what you are feeling. I still think take some Robitussin DM (check the warning label of course like any medicine before taking). Take a swig and I bet the cough dies down within ten minutes. If it doesn’t help them it might be GERD.

Are you taking a decongestant? Or, antihistamine?

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Nothing as its not that bad. It’s eased up a bit which is great. I guess it could be anything? Thanks @JLeslie

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I think take the drug. Feel better.

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I will try it.

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Sounds like GERD. Quit eating acidic foods and drinks, like coffee. Take antacids, like Zantac, until symptoms subside, but still lay off the acidic, spicy foods and coffee. Try drinking tea.

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It’s gone now – Im not sure what it was…. but I feel better too, as in my cold has almost gone, maybe it was actually cold related?? Was so bizarre

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I felt similar and it disappeared as soon as I stopped taking my daily prescribed 75mg Aspirin.

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