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What is the best handle wrap for road bikes?

Asked by stairmaine (1points) July 31st, 2008

I will assemble a road bike and I want the best and good quality parts for it. I want to know which brand is the best handle wrap for a road bike, yet not that expensive.

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Monkey skin, no really, I have no idea, And I don’t think any one else does, have you tried calling you local bike stores and asking them, make it a poll, and call 20 bike stores all over the nation, the grip that gets the most responses is the one you want to by. I am sure the Google can help you out. Don’t bother with biking magazines, they just sell ads and every ad is going to tell you that it is the best. Cheers, hope this helps. :)

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There are some avid bikers here on fluther, so if you wait for a little while you might get some great responses! I, on the otherhand, am not an expert on bikes, so I am not the best resource. Good luck, and I hope someone has a good answer for you!

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generally the ones made out of cork. I like the retro designs but those are hard to find.

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