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The best contact solution; cleaning/storing methods?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) July 31st, 2008

A contact wearer for 10 years, I can’t for the life of me figure out the best way to store, clean, rinse, etc, my contacts. Suggestions?

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What kind you wearing? I’ve got these take-em-out-once-a-month, throw-‘em-away, and put-in-new-ones jobbies and I hardly use solution at all.

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Really – you’ve had luck with the everyday disposable ones? I’ve never used those. I have contacts that I change once every three months.

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I have the kind that you’re supposed to take out every night and replace every month. I usually don’t take them out at night. I tell my eye doctor that I do. I don’t think she believes me. I am afraid of my eye doctor. She makes me use opti-free.

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What exactly is the problem with what you’re doing now? Do your eyes hurt? Do you get a lot of infections?

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The new Opti-free is suppose to be the best.

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I switched to the one a day contacts and I really like them. I have sensitive eyes and these are the only contacts that don’t irritate my eyes. I recommend them if your eyes can’t tolerate the other kinds. Or you could try switching down to the type of contacts that you switch out every 2 weeks.

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Thera Tears eye drops, which are great but I don’t use anymore as I have found the answer. I think the contact solution is called Clear Care. It’s the kind you leave to bubble away for six hours. And toss monthly Acuvue Oaysis. Well, even if I didn’t type that right you get the idea.

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Oh yah, I’m Alcon Opti-Free Express Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution, too. I use Focus Night & Day lenses. Keep ‘em in for a month straight. Throw away and replace.

My optha says they’re much better in terms of oxygen permeation that my old ones (5–6x better). He calls ‘em “poor man’s lasik”. ;-)

My old style were good for a month, but you had to take ‘em out each nite and soak ‘em. Frickin’ PITA.

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I second Clear Care. I work in construction and wear Acuvue 2 and my contacts are always getting dusty and this solution seems to work best. Make sure you read the warning labels. The solution must neutralize before you put your contact in your eye, otherwise you will experience a terrible, and I mean terrible, burning sensation in your eyes.

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LOL… Put em in too fast, didya? My lil bro screamed and cursed @ me when he
“rinsed his eyes w/ it. Same with my friend. Both use it now. If I think I need eyedrops, its time to change the set.

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I was staying at a friends house a long time ago and used their solution in a regular case. I woke up in the morning and put it in my eye and could barely open my eye to get it out. It was one of the worst pains I have ever experienced. I now notice that they put red warning labels all over the bottle.
When used properly though, this solution works great.

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this cleaner will store for a week. as I have uneven work shifts, I rotate 2prs until one goes bad. the 3 ppl I recommended it to use it exclusively. I’ve tried five brands to date and the only one aside from this that didn’t give me the “Opti-Burn” was the one that was giving ppl fungal infections. As this depends on hydro-perox, follow the directions, but will be beyond sterile for a week. Hope this helps. Peace

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