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What are some websites that let you have and take care of a virtual babies?

Asked by fabmadi2 (4points) July 31st, 2008

i really like babysitting so i’m would love these kind of sites and i have found none yet.

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Here is one. Welcome to Fluther. You may want to read the Fluther Guidelines for posting questions. Again, welcome.

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There’s a good site… they’re virtual babies you’ll never hold, and if they suffer and die, it won’t affect your lifestyle just like any other game online, but with an interesting twist! By putting real cash into the game world, a REAL child gets to eat REAL food in REAL LIFE!

Wild, eh? Of course, you could always google “Virtual Pet” if you’re not really into real babies.

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@Lovelocke, but with world vision there’s a good chance that a sizeable percent of that real cash gets used to buy real bibles and fund real missionaries to promote real christianity which really won’t help feed anybody.

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