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What are the best glosses/glazes treatments to give the hair amazing shine and luster?

Asked by cecilia09 (205points) July 22nd, 2016

What are the best home or professional hair glosses or glazes to make hair super silky and shiny?

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Some people use olive oil, some prefer mashed bananas, still others use avocado. I’ve even heard of people using mayonnaise.

What works varies by the texture/condition of an individuals hair. It’s not a one-product-suits-all situation.

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I’ve heard of virgin coconut oil.

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Hair quality is different for each person, depending on what they have used on their hair previously. You should visit a professional and have them recommend a product.

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I read a very interesting article in the NY Times a few years ago that said that the quality of the water we wash our hair with, and whether the water has a lot of minerals in it, has a big effect on hair consistency and whether or not dyed hair color lasts well.

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@jca That is so true, where I live the water has so much clorox its not even funny, imagine how much damage all this chlorine does to hair,skin and even nails!! its juts crayy!!.

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Here ya go. Repels dust too. lol

Seriously, look into some of the mane ‘n tail products.
I can provide testimonials for both horses and humans. haha

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I use VO 5 for years. You can always tell when I haven’t used it for a long while. My hair gets flat and dull. I don’t care for hair conditioners that you use in the shower. I just like VO5. It lasts a long time. Put a dab of it on your hands, you rub it on both and work it from the ends of your hair through the rest. My ends need it most. Not my scalp. But it leaves my hair shiny and full and it always feels thicker for some reason. You use it after your hair is dry and I usually use it between shampoos. I also use coconut oil for the scalp and for a quick shine and nice scent, rose oil. You could use coconut oil but I find when I go out in the sun, it makes my hair feel stiff. Rose oil leaves it feeling soft to the touch, even in full sun.
Though I always recommend using sunblock on your hair in the summer. It doesn’t feel as nice but it will keep your hair from sun damage. Especially use it if you are going into a chlorine pool and you plan to sunbathe.

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Alberto VO-5.

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