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What is something the other Jellies would find surprising about you?

Asked by Kardamom (31145points) July 22nd, 2016

Once you’ve been around the tidepool for awhile, you get a pretty good sense of who people are around here, or at least you think you do. Personalities emerge out of responses to questions. Answers to questions give us a pretty good idea about what kinds of things we like, the work we do, the hobbies we engage in, our politics, our religious (or lack of) bent.

Is there something about you that would make most of us say, “Wow! I didn’t see that coming” or “I had no idea he/she was like that” or “I’m really surprised to know that so and so is into that.”?

Is there anything you’d like to share about yourself that most of us would be shocked by, or have a hard time believing about you, or is there something that you could share that might lead us to believe that we missed something about you, or misjudged you?

It doesn’t have to be something earth-shattering, or bad. It could be something subtle, or funny, or just plain out of the ordinary for you.

Care to share?

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People who have heard about me are always surprised when they meet me: they expected me to be taller.

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The surprising thing about me is that you can never understand me fully. There is so much about me that you can’t simply get an answer on this single thread. I’m full of surprise and you can see it through my interaction here, but even then you still can’t get everything about me.

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I’m not that contrary in real life, lol. I keep my mouth shut and mostly just listen during conversation unless I know you really well or am drunk.

Fluther is my outlet so I come off way different, I think.

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I’m not actually a chocolate chip cookie.

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I’m 62, absolutely adore women, and have never been married. No freakin’ kids either, thank you.

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Well…surprising is subjective but…

I sleep naked with my 2 cats. lol

I have an 18 year pet goose that I raised from a wee gosling.

I am a left handed, right brained blonde.

I have a rare blood type.

I am just as chatty, humorous and silly in real life as I am here.

I do not suffer fools gladly.

I hate passive aggressive behaviors and drama queens.

I am not afraid of any living creature and have some scars to prove it. haha

I have a pin in my left shoulder from a horse wreck years ago.

I am a very genuine sort, no games, no pretenses, no bullshit, what you see is what you get.

I am in the Triple A club. Apolitical/atheist/agnostic. haha

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My name is spelled with 3 capital i’s at the end.. III.

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I was a member of the Temple of Set for many years.

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^^really? That’s a joke right..

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In my early twenties I had the privilege of manning a naval warship, watching drug runners in speed boats ditch their bales of drugs as we chased them through the ocean. Good times.

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Wow, @YARNLADY wins. I did not see that coming.

I can’t think of anything. I’m not sure what impression people get of me here, not to mention that I tend to be quite open and straightforward, and I’m friends with a lot of jellies on my personal Facebook. Fun question, though.

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This question is killing me.

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Three years ago doctors completely removed the left atrial appendage (LAA) from my heart. I have it sitting in a jar of formalin in a shelf in my living room.

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^ That is awesome!

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Man my surgeon wouldn’t even show me pictures of my colon, jealous!

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@Mariah that’s surprising to me. I have photos from my surgeries, I thought it was pretty standard if you ask for them (assuming they took photos.)

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I’m not really that mysterious unfortunately. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and make it very obvious when I like something or I don’t! I tend to either love something/someone with everything I have or I’m just indifferent to it/them.

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I worked two years full time nightshift at a convenience store after two years internship for free when I was 18. I flunked out of my second year of Liberal arts. I actually believe that I am reliving my past in a time loop.

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Loving all the answers so far. @YARNLADY takes the prize, though, for Wow! I never woulda thunk that!

@Mariah, That’s interesting that you describe yourself as kind of quiet. You are one of the brightest lionesses that roared around here : )

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Oh what a compliment, thank you hon! :) What’s something we wouldn’t expect about you, @Kardamom?

Oh, and regarding photos of my colon, @ANef_is_Enuf, I’m not sure what the deal is! I just asked at some appointment afterwards if I could see pictures and they said no, and I don’t know if it’s just because they don’t have any pictures or what. I should have mentioned beforehand that I wanted to see pictures.

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@Mariah Hmmm. I’ll have to think about that one for a bit. You guys know most everything about me and my personality. I’ll try to come up with something that you guys wouldn’t necessarily associate with me. Right now it’s so dang hot here that I can’t think straight. Oy!

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@Kardamom Ugh…same here in NorCal. a balmy 99 right now. haha
I just cracked a beer and after a couple beers then some ice water I am having Italian Ice. I may end up eating an Apricot later. No food sounds god right now.

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Ooh! Finally came up with something:

I was a violent little asshole as a kid.

I got in trouble in first grade for bashing two kids’ heads together. I can’t even remember why I did it. I remember saying “Kiss and make up” and wham. And they cried, and I laughed, and told them to stop being babies, and then I had to write sentences. I used to lord over my little brother and his friends, smacking them with sticks if necessary to get them to do as told. I was in charge after all, since I was the oldest.

Anyway, I don’t know how shocking it actually is, but I would like to think I don’t currently portray a vision of a violent dictator.

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@Seek haha, your sharing sparked a memory for me, I was about 8 and the little neighbor kid who was 3, the baby brother of my next door neighbor friend, was being a total little brat and I took him behind the house and spanked the tar out of him. I felt very smug. lol

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I cry over many things.

Man’s capacity for cruelty toward fellow man.

Air disasters, starvation, obvious social injustice, the list goes on.

I refuse to discuss religion and politics IRL.

I’m actually quite laid back and very tolerant of opposing opinions. Why spoil the party?

Despite what some Flutherites might have read into my politics I believe every individual is free to be whatever they wish. What one does alone or with another is their right as long as there is consent and the general public isn’t effected as a result.

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@seek – that’s what you’re hoping right?

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At young age I wasn’t much talkative.. there has been big transformation after I started interacting with different people bcoz of my job role. Have been a good listener all my life.. which shouldn’t be a surprise i guess..if you don’t talk much you listen..) I like to listen to people’s stories / their experiences / life. That’s why I’m here i guess..might seem like poking my nose at times but that’s just out of curiosity / some harmless fun nothing else.

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For me, when I met a few Jellies, their appearance was what surprised me the most- not in a bad way, just that our words often don’t fit the “look” that the words convey. I know I don’t look the way I write, since I have published works and any time I present about my work, people are surprised by how I look.
I post about being Deaf from time to time, but I think some people would still be surprised that I am actually Deaf.

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@linguaphile Hi! Good to see you around again!

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Am I the only one who googled “Temple of Set cross stitch” after this question?

@YARNLADY – I didn’t find much. This might be a great way to bring your interests together and fulfill your internet destiny (which is much smaller than most other destinies)

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@funkdaddy I had to google it too.

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I have a VHS video of my lasik surgery.

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I tend to be chatty online but in reality, I’m pretty quiet.

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That I’m a full asshole. Wait, everyone knows that.

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^^^ Hey! Don’t put yourself down. Stop it! Right this instant!

(Come play with us, @Zachary_Mendes12)!

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