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Do you enjoy road trips?

Asked by janbb (57164points) July 24th, 2016

Getting ready for a week’s vacation by car and thinking how enjoyable it is. Most of my travel is by plane these days and it is so much more relaxing not to have a deadline, to be able to pack whatever I want – cooler, art supplies, multiple books – and to anticipate serendipitous stops along the way.

How do you feel about road trips and are there any special memories you have of them?

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I enjoy them, although I have not done it a lot. The most memorable (and longest) was a two week skiing tour of the Rockies, going to ski areas in Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. I met someone at a party on that trip and came close to saying behind.

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I love road trips. I love traveling with my daughter, by myself or with friends. I really love traveling by myself or with my daughter best. I like being quiet in the car and enjoying the radio and the scenery. Since I was 18, I’ve been driving to Cape Cod by myself (about 5 hours from where I lived at the time). I find it relaxing, especially since I don’t have to rush, as opposed to the morning commute to work, where I’m stressed about the time, usually.

Now we’re mostly taking the two hour ride to the Berkshires (Massachusetts), and that’s nice rural scenery, more rural than where we live. From the Berkshires we can go to VT, which is lovely. The longest ride I’ve done solo has been to Maine, which was an all day trip for July 4th weekend about 7 years ago.

Great vacations I’ve taken have always included lots of driving around, looking at scenery, enjoying the local atmosphere.

When I was little, my mom used to take me on lots of road trips. Jersey shore, Maine, Pennsylvania, stuff like that. When we lived in California (SF Bay Area), we drove up and down the coast, up to wine country, down the coast to Carmel, Big Sur, LA, and then once down to the Grand Canyon.

Recent great road trips have included another one to California, a few to Las Vegas (off the strip which is better than on the strip, in my opinion). The nicest ones are day trips to upstate NY or northern CT. A few hours away to the Catskills is very pleasant. I drove to Lake Placid a few times, which is a beautiful trip and not something I’d probably do if I didn’t have to go to a work event there.

My mom drove across country when I was about 10, when we moved back to NY from California. She drove with her father, my grandfather. Other relatives have done a cross-country trip. Maybe one year I’ll attempt something similar with my daughter.

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I love road trips! The whole time-doesn’t-matter thing, the do-whatever-I-want thing…it’s been too long. In a (much) younger day I would throw most of my stuff into storage, throw some clothes, camping gear and the dog into the car and take off. Seattle to SF, visit friends, SF to Denver, Denver to New York, seeing National Parks, visiting friends, going up and down the East Coast, then back to Seattle.
Damn, I miss those days!

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Depends on where I’m going, how long it takes to get there, if there is any scenery to look at, if the road is a long and straight freeway or a curvy two-laner.

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No. Carsick.

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I love road trips too. The last two I took were a 2 week tour all over the Southwest, Nevada, AZ. N.M. Utah and CO. It was a blast and I went to Bryce and Zion in the snow in Feb. Spectacular!

Another was a week in the Redwoods near the Oregon border just my daughter and myself a few years ago. We had so much fun. A friend just wanted me to go to WA. state with her a few weeks ago for the 4th Of July at her sisters lake house but, I had just moved a few weeks prior and the timing wasn’t right. I have no big road trips in my foreseeable future as I am in a pretty financially compromised state these days but I have enjoyed many road trips over the years.

Have fun @janbb !

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I love road trips though most of mine are now taken by rail with a forward facing seat next to a picture window. Very relaxing and interesting. I can get Wi-Fi and charge my mobile. We travelled across Europe by train this summer and it was fantastic.

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Oooo!!! Ooooo!!! Come up my way!!!! The Finger Lakes!!! Wineries!!! Lake Ontario!!! Niagara Falls !!! Me!!!

I love road trips!

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@LuckyGuy Burlington and Montreal this time – maybe next time.

(Meet me in St. Louis?)

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I do. I grew up with frequent family road trips. Now I often go on road trips with my friends and I always enjoy them. Okay, going on a road trip in a car with a busted air conditioner in the middle of the summer kind of sucks…but other than that one, I’d say I’ve enjoyed all of them.

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I am planning to meet a Jelly in Montreal.

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I love them. I used to like to just head out, find the loneliest two lane black top and just go. Mountain roads are the most interesting. The ones out west were fabulous. There are still a lot of ghost towns out there. Although I rarely consult maps after I actually embark on one of these (to ensure the serendipity), I have them along. It’s OK to get lost, but it’s not OK to stay lost. Part of the fun is finding your way back.

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I didn’t think I would, but I did: traveling with my son from Chicago to San Jose exactly 4 years ago, zigzagging north and south all the way to hit as many national parks as possible. It ended up being 4800 road miles that took 19 days, including a few stops of more than one night.

He was right when he said that it very quickly just becomes what you do: get up at 7:30, have breakfast, pack the car, hit the road. We drove 350–500 miles a day and saw some of the most amazing spots in the country. At home I hate to go anywhere that I can’t get to in under an hour, but I quickly fell into the rhythm of it and enjoyed it immensely.

I kept a detailed trip journal, and I reread it every year during July. It brings back some wonderful memories. I’ll always be glad I did that, even though I never want to traverse the Teton Pass or drive the Going-to-the-Sun Road again as long as I live.

I am planning a rail trip up the East Coast next spring, but I’m not sure if that’s a road trip.

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Yes I do. I love the trip and the excitement of the fun I’ll have when I arrive. I’m now thinking of a trip to Lake Ontario. :-)

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Under 4 hours drive. Over 4 hours I just want to get there.

Unless, I have tons of time and can stop a lot and see things along the way.

I tolerate long trips better now than when I was younger. Notice the word tolerate.

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Odd question.

The trip is the whole point.

Best piece of advice? Use the proper tool for an Interstate trip. drive a GT.

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It’s my preferred mode of travel. I’ve been road tripping since I was 6 months old. My first trip was from Illinois to California. My most memorable trip was driving from California to Illinois, then from Illinois to D. C. and NYC, then back to Illinois all within 3 weeks. I was 20 at the time.

I hate airplanes.

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I love airplanes.

But come to think of it, I haven’t made a proper auto road trip for over 10 years. Not enough time and money. The last times were when I was changing jobs and deliberately inserted a couple of responsibility-free weeks.

And come to think of it, a couple of years ago I did make a one-day 180-mile trip by train, boat and bicycle to visit my mom. That’s a lot of fun packed into one day.

I might do that again this summer.

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I’ve gotten in the car so many times with no destination in mind that I’ve about run out of new places I can visit in a day trip. I love seeing something new. I have a fascination with the architecture of churches and old courthouses (funny, new churches still try to inspire, but courthouses have gone strictly utilitarian).

My best road trip was when I was around 40 and drove from Missouri to California via Mexico and back through Las Vegas and Colorado. No one to report to, no financial worries. I did it on the cheap, because I am, but the unfolding of the American Southwest day by day was all the stimulation I could stand.

I admit that life has lately, sadly, made me lose a lot of my sense of wonder. There was a time when I would have bounded out of the car when I found the museum of Marceline: ‘Where Walt Found the Magic’. When I was there earlier this summer, I passed.
Looking the website, I imagine that if I’d toured, I would have quickly passed it off and moved on. Not touring? Another minor milestone of reticence.

Road trips are the best in life, IMO.
When I was a kid, it was how we got around, and watching the scenery was the best form of entertainment. A window seat in the car was, and still is, better than TV.

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I have a fascination with the architecture of churches and old courthouses

I hope you get a chance to see the Santa Barbara county courthouse in California. It’s a wondrous manifestation of Spanish colonial nostalgia and 1920s prosperity.

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On two wheels yes, in a cage no.

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Yes, if I’m with someone special in my life. For me, a road trip is an opportunity for bonding as much or more as a ride from somewhere to somewhere else.

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I’m just thinking about the road trip I took with my family to Florida when I was 9 and my sister was 6 years old. No air conditioning in the car. I lived Disney World and seeing some of our favorite friends in FL. My sister got sick on the way back home in the car.

My mom told my father she would NEVER do a long road trip like that again.

I think that influenced me.

When I went to college in Michigan everyone talked about road trips. I started to associate it with the Midwest. Of course, that’s not really true. People road trip all over the country. Then I moved to the Memphis area, and tons of people drive straight south to go to the beach in Destin, FL. Some others go to the shores in AL. It’s about 8 hours away! To a beach that is cold in Jan and Feb, just when you want out of the freezing cold weather. January you need to be in Naples or Palm Beach and South if you want bikini weather, but that’s realistically a flight, not a car ride, unless you have tons of time.

Here’s the thing, the flight from Memphis was often 50–100% more expensive than NY to Florida. Memphis is a shorter flight. I really think airline prices helped to shape who flies and who drives.

I used to feel over 5 hours is when a flight is worth considering. Driving to the airport, waiting for the flight, then flying, and then driving to your destination from the airport. Usually, if it took me 5 hours to drive it took me 5 hours dealing with the airport thing. Now, that calculation has changed a little with more airport security, and getting to the airport a little earlier. It’s still probably close to 6 hours though. By 6, it usually becomes faster to fly.

Also, many of my Midwest friends come from large families (Catholics, LOL) and so flying became very expensive very fast.

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Yes. I plan to visit some national forests in places ive never been like Wyoming and Utah.

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That is so incredibly over-the-top, @Call_Me_Jay!
I had no idea such a structure existed. Thanks. I’m perusing the Google images of Santa Barbara court house. I can’t quite get my head around this interior shot.

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I don’t enjoy traveling in a car for hours and hours. In fact it’s a royal pain for me especially going through heavy traffic and people driving like maniacs. But I do it anyway and don’t whine (too much) about it.

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