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Why would Trump make a better president then Clinton?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19406points) July 25th, 2016

1–2-3 GO!

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I am not for the guy but would like to hear peoples opinions, and don’t worry I won’t argue with ya, I can’t vote in the us election anyways.

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The religious right might shut up for 4 years? Or, at least be quieter? Maybe?

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1. He’s not obviously in the pocket of the establishment, and might act as a loose cannon to disrupt their smooth evil perpetrations.

2. His election would underline for many people around the world, and in the USA, how screwed up politics in the USA are, that he somehow got elected president, even though he’s a TV personality and general clown who can’t be bothered to make sense or be consistent or not offend entire sections of the world with offhand ill-considered insults.

3. He would be less likely to make smooth sailing for the established corporate machine that own our government.

4. He’s against the TPP/TPIP treaties, which if you don’t know how evil those are, take a good long look, please. (e.g. they surrender countries’ rights to protect their environments from corporate exploitation, let corporations sue countries for loss of profits due to pesky environmental protection laws, etc.)

5. His election could accelerate the reform of our corrupt two-party system, and public activism to replace establishment pawns in government.

6. It would show the Clinton camp that no, you can’t just use your corporate donations, media abuse, and cheating and lies to ignore the candidate the people actually want and force your candidate into the White House – you actually need to listen to people and not just corporate donors.

7. So many opportunities for comedy and satire.

8. Potential fast-track to revolution.

And I say this as someone who thinks Trump is just about the worst presidential candidate I’ve ever seen. However the establishment has gotten so bad, that maybe it needs to explode this way, to get better sooner. We need to be making real positive change, not just having the less insane corporate offering.

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the absolute destruction of the Republican party.

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~He’s more democratic than Clinton. Sorry I can’t find the link of him in the 80’s when he was a democrat in New York.

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He definitely has some democrat about him. He is a typical New Yorker in that he tends to be liberal on social issues.

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He would likely appoint at least 2 Supreme Court justices so conservative that they would reverse a decent part of the civil rights gains of the past 50 years.

He would make it even easier for the corporate establishment to own the rest of our government.

Health care would likely be even less accessible than it was before the AHCA.

Race relations would likely explode in the US.

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A good thing? Ummm….

We’ll be that much closer to the kind of society and caring government we see in the Mad Max movies.

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I’m going to try and answer seriously just because it took me a while to warm up to the idea of a Trump presidency. Most of the country believes we are on the wrong track. The economy is stagnant, racial tensions are on the rise, the world is in turmoil, and wages are in decline. It’s pretty clear to me that more of the same policies won’t fix anything. In fact the policies we’ve seen in the past 8 years have exacerbated the problems.

On the economy. – Regulation is killing us. I saw a study a few years ago that showed regulation accounts for a full 50% of all goods and services made in the US. Do you realize how big a burden that really is on our manufacturing? Most arguments I see about jobs moving overseas blame that on the cheap labor costs overseas. It’s not. If we eased the regulatory burden on US manufacturing we would be more than competitive with any country, even with our higher wages. Trump is advocating reducing the ineffective and abusive regulatory burden. That alone would create a tremendous boom in business. Especially new start-ups.

Trump is advocating reducing the corp tax rate. We have the highest corp tax rate in the world. Reducing that rate would make the US a bit more attractive to corporations and help to keep the businesses here. In addition there is an estimated $2 Trillion parked overseas that could be brought home if it weren’t for the excessive tax burden to do so. If we can allow that money to be brought back into the US it would represent a $2 Trillion stimulus for our economy and cost us absolutely nothing.

Energy. – We can talk about wind and solar all we want but it’s not ready for prime time. Even if we stopped making internal combustion engines tomorrow, it would take 20 years to replace the fleet of cars we currently have on the road. Energy independence represents about $500 Billion per year that would stay in the US instead of sending it overseas, much of it to the Middle East. Another massive stimulus in it’s own right. By harvesting the resources we have we not only keep the money in the US but create thousands of new high paying jobs. A double bonus. And remember that everyone wants to invest in Infrastructure, you know, roads and bridges. A lot of asphalt and guess what asphalt is made from? Oil.

I could go on about the economy but let me close with one final thought. Federal waste is out of control. It would be wonderful to have someone in the White House that actually understood a budget and how to control costs. That is definitely playing to Trumps strengths.

Will Trump live up to the hype? I don’t know but at least with Trump we have a shot.

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If you want to watch the world destroy itself faster, Trump is your man.

Slower. Hillary….

You be the judge.

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It just defies me how anyone can look at or listen to the man, and then conclude him qualified for public office. His record as a “businessman” consists nearly exclusively of chiseling anyone near him with a particular preference for taxpayers. His business acumen can be appreciated by his extraordinary fondness for hiding behind bankruptcies and the 3000 lawsuits trailing in the wake from his wreckage. His exclusive failure in producing his tax records is without a doubt due to the embarrassing fact that he probably hasn’t paid any. And if these little details aren’t sufficiently damning, there is the gargantuan bonus of the man’s personality disorders, over which he wastes no effort on either control or disguise. I mean what EXACTLY is it that I’m missing?

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Because he is a loose cannon we don’t know what the hell he might do. He might do some good but I would doubt it. It isn’t a good bet to take when the stakes are the future of your country.

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I think it’s his Veep we have to focus on. I’ve said for a year that Trump were elected he’d be impeached and ousted within months.

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@stanleybmanly I wonder why no one has brought up his many Bankruptcies where he left the working joe and shareholders with nothing?
There is looking out for the little guy right?

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^^People bring it up all the time.

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Well ^^ @JLeslie I never seem to hear it on our Canadian news, and they are a 1000% less bias then the American news channels.

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Well, the Canadians aren’t voting for our President. I can’t help it that the CA news isn’t televising American politicians, American journalists, and regular citizens that have been talking about people who were hurt by Trump’s bankruptcies. Your media is imperfect, like almost all media.

Edit: One part of one speech given by Hillary on Trump’s bankruptcies.

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Trump avoids his past by continuously making news in the present, @SQUEEKY2.

I just realized that.
In the 24 hour news cycle, Trump outruns his outrageous past by tweeting an equally outrageous – and new – present.
His past is just too boring in the current media-fed American political atmosphere.

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