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Is Hillary pandering to the immigrants?

Asked by JLeslie (65191points) July 25th, 2016 from iPhone

I defended Hillary when they accused her of pandering when she switches accents depending on what part of the country she was in. I myself am more southern in the South, Midwest in the Midwest, and northeast when in the Northeast.

I’m watching the convention and Guiterrez was speaking Spanish, and they just had a girl speaking who had to mention her mother was from Ireland her father from Nicaragua.

Now, I wouldn’t mind “hello” and “welcome” in 5 languages at the beginning, and I do mean 5 languages, not just Spanish. Going on for several sentences in Spanish is too much in my opinion. And, the channel I was watching was not translating as it was said. Some of it the orator translated after the Spanish. Some not all.

I also think mentioning the immigrant thing too much is just too damned obvious. It feels so put on to me.

What do you think?

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Pandering? No, maybe including them would be a better word. Trump is excluding them.

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Like her blog post “7 things she has in common with your abuela” when she became a grandmother, politicians always seek to show how they are all inclusive.

That’s why Trump’s alienation of so many is seen as a breath of fresh air, rather than the danger it actually shows us.

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No, not pandering, just a realization that the Hispanic vote is a big bloc.

@JLeslie you use “immigrant” as synonymous with Hispanic/ Latino. I know you are married to someone from Mexico, but really, when you say “immigrant” to me I think of the many Irish I know that have overstayed their visas and are working.

So, to “pander to the immigrants” maybe she should get a few speakers from the Ould Sod and serve Guinness.

Not to mention you seem somewhat intrigued by Trump, I guess his view of immigrants doesn’t make you feel put upon.

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I wouldn’t go so far as to call it pandering but it’s definitely playing to the base. A ‘look at us we’re all inclusive’ kind of statement. Cheap but effective for that crowd.

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Well. She isn’t spitting in their faces like Trump.

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We don’t call it pandering, we call it campaigning.

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I remember Trump doing something recently (maybe Cinco de Mayo eating tacos or something). That’s what politicians do – they want to show everyone that they know you’re all out there.

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@zenvelo I probably could have worded things better.

The other day Kaine or Hillary (I don’t remember which, they were both in stage) asked a crowd, who in the crowd was a naturalized citizen. They weren’t only talking about people from Latin America.

They are mostly aiming at Spanish speaking immigrants regarding the use of the Spanish language, but they have been inclusive to all
immigrants in other actions and parts of their speeches. I feel like it’s mentioned too much, too dwelled on, and it starts to sound trite. I believe they believe in the stregnth of the diversity of our nation, but like I said, it’s getting sickening sweet to me.

@jca I missed the taco. Lol. Trump is the son of an immigrant, and most of his children are children of an immigrant. He lived in NYC, a city full of immigrants. Wouldn’t you agree a New Yorker would never expect the country to turn into an all white, Christian, place? He didn’t grow up or live in a place like that, that’s not his America.

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Isn’t that like asking if Trump is pandering to white racist america?
As for the accent thing, I do the same. Not consciously either. My husband use to laugh as we drove from the South to Massachusetts. He said when I got to NYC I got a little freer with the cussing and my accent became very much NY Rican, ( I was originally from NYC), and in Mass. I would drop the r sound but so would he since he was from there. But we lived in the South most of our married life and we were picking up that accent. He thought I was making fun of people but the truth was I would just fall into it without meaning too. When I was in Germany, some guy thought my English has a middle eastern accent.
I just call myself accent sensitive. LOL I now have to make an effort to sound like myself whenever I am around people with strong accents because I don’t want to offend. I think growing up in NYC where there were so many accents it just became a habit that’s hard to avoid.

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@Pandora It’s part of human nature to mimic who we are with. Facial expressions, hand motions, how we sit, how we stand, and I would assume accents too. I figured people who criticized Hillary for that didn’t get out much.

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The Democratic party is appealing to anyone who’s not an old-rich-white-guy.

I’ve only heard news snippets and short bursts live from the DNC, but, from what I can tell, it’s way too Christian, and too black/African American.
Bernie Sanders is Jewish, and Bill Clinton was already The first black President.

Do Bernie’s supporters care deeply about religion?
Are the disaffected Black Lives Matter blacks going to vote for Trump?

It’s like the goal is to prevent any disaffected Republicans from voting for Clinton.

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