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Do you have experience with silicone bake/cookware?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) July 25th, 2016

Positive or negative.

After poor experiences with a baking sheet and a couple of baking pans, I have found two items I like.
A splatter guard for my fry pan (you have to turn it over every so often, or the moisture will accumulate on the underside and drip into the pan.
A baking mat covered in tiny little pyramids. They hold food up off the pan, allowing air to circulate, and grease to run away from the good. (They do have a fairly low weight limit.)

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I have used a few things, such as silicon egg frying/pancake forms and muffin pans. Not had any complaints.

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I find the muffin pans too wobbly unless you’ve got one of those trays to hold them flat when you move them around. I gave most of my silicone bakeware to a friend who uses them for soap molds.

I like some of the silicone utensils a lot – really easy to clean.

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I use a silpat when I bake cookies. I don’t use it for every type of cookie, but I do for meringue cookies and macaroons especially. I also have used it for almond cookies.

I also have a silicone funnel and measuring cups that fold down flat.

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Spatulas are not attached to their handles, so they can fall off at any time.

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Yes for things like spatulas and brushes. No for things like muffin pans. I read that the temperature can’t be above a certain number, and I don’t really trust it. I do have silpat baking liners (as @JLeslie described) but have not yet used them.

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I’ve not seen the forms, @zenvelo.

But muffin and most other bakeware I’ve tried have been as @BellaB describes – wobbly when hot. The baking sheet sagged, even though it started out taut on a sturdy metal frame.

I also have a folding strainer that I like, @JLeslie.

YES, @SmartAZ. The longer you use the spatulas, the slippery they get and start falling off at the drop of a hat.

Yeah, the basting brushes are cool, @jca. I even bought these universal screw on lids that have the silicon basting fingers at the top opening. Just put them on the bottle of sauce and baste away.

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I’ve got a spatula that scrapes bowls and pans really clean. I also have a small one on a very long stick that I use to get the dregs out of my foundation bottles. That stuff is as expensive as gold! I need to get every last drop.

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Don’t the spatulas tend to separate, blade from handle after a while, @Stinley?
Or do you wash them much?
Washing silicone seems to be a problem, IMO.

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@ibstubro I’ve not had that problem. And everything goes in the dishwasher.

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The coolest and most expensive spatula I have is a silicone blade on a stainless handle, @Stinley.
I can hardly keep them in the same room ~

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Ah, @ibstubro I just took a good look at it and the blade is coming away a little from the wooden handle. To be honest it’s still fine and I don’t remember paying much for it, maybe £2 or so. I think I can afford that every few years!!

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Wood probably keeps silicone on the handle better than anything, @Stinley. Wood swells a bit when damp, metal and plastic get slippery.
It’s keeping the blade on the handle at all, that’s the trick here.

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Then wood is the way forward!

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I remember, coincidentally, when they made all commercial kitchens (at least in my area) replace wooden cutting boards with plastic, for sanitary reasons.
Later it came to light that wood absorbs and disperses liquids, removing the staff of life for bacteria. A puddle on plastic is dependent on evaporation, and in a humid kitchen could breed bacteria for days or longer.

Humans just think they’re smarter than nature.

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@ibstubro As they say in Holland, “I wood. Wooden shoe? ”

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