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Why doesn't my iPhone 3G charge from my new Philips rechargeable powerpack?

Asked by klaas4 (2189points) July 31st, 2008

I’ve bought a Philips powerpack (the 30 hour version) and I plug in my iPhone 3G, but it doesn’t charge. Why? I heard it was the amount of milliamps…


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That thing looks awesome! How much do they cost? If the flutherite community can help make a go of this, I think I’ll have to pick one up.

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Here it was 40 euros. There is also a 60 hour version which costs 129,99 euros here.

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I dont know why its not working, but can i just say that i think its overpriced. Personally, I got the Smart Backup Battery from eBay for $ 20 (with shipping). Dont know about the 30 hour thing but mine charges simultaneously with my iPhone and lets me re-charge the iPhone to upto 60 % (though for me its about 50%) battery life.

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What are the payment-methods for shipping outside the US @

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@klaas4: its available at eBay too. So you could just get it from there and pay with PayPal

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Don’t have PayPal too…

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PayPal lets you pay with a credit card too. So if you have one, you could try doing that. Also i dont know if Netherlands have this, but here you can also get credit card gift cards (sort of like prepaid credit card) that you can also use for online purchases.

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No. Credit. Card. Either… What a shame, huh?

I will look into those gift cards. Thanks.

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Did you charge your Philips power pack beforehand?

A big guess: maybe the amount of voltage the power pack is giving out is too little compared to the iPhone’s own battery, causing the iPhone to take the higher-voltage [pressure] power intake

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Yeah the amount of mA was too low, so now I bought a mini battery pack from Kensington. Works great!

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same problem – solved!
Try to use an extra usb cable between charger and iphone usb cable…should work.

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