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What kind of concrete is best for fence posts?

Asked by 2davidc8 (9892points) July 28th, 2016

I need to have a 70 ft. long fence replaced. I’ve contacted several fence companies about the job. I’m puzzled about the different kinds of concrete that are claimed to be the best for the job. I’m talking about the concrete that you set the fence posts in.

One guy says that he uses quick-setting concrete because it’ll set before the posts get a chance to wobble. (A pretty strong wind usually comes through this area around sunset.). Another says no, that regular concrete is best, quick-setting is like cutting corners. Still another says he uses pre-mixed (is this the same as quick-setting?). I’m sure there are other kinds. So, I’m confused.

What do my fellow jellies say? Would appreciate your advice.

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I don’t have a specific answer for your site and its wind issues. I have heard over and over that people regret quick-crete shortly after they have the job done. I have also heard it’s like cutting corners, and if you don’t know what you are doing, it sets badly.

Will you be doing your own mixing, or having a concrete company do it? Moisture is everything.

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I have always used quick setting concrete. I dig the hole, set the post and pour it in dry. Then pour some water on it. Does not get easier than that but we are just talking about small fence projects. For a big one I think the cost of having to go back and redo parts makes not using the better material a bad move

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You don’t want quick setting. Regular pre-mixed is just fine. Whatever the fence builder is comfortable using. I always use post mix. I pour it in dry and when I get the post just the way I want it, I add about 5 gallons of water to the fence post hole.

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@kritiper Your method of using pre-mixed sounds a lot like @ARE_you_kidding_me‘s use of quick-setting, but you said “You don’t want quick setting”. So, I’m confused. Are pre-mixed and quick-setting the same thing?
I hope you’re still following this thread.

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pre-mixed is generally quick setting.

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Back in the seventies when I was working on a ranch, we set the posts first with large rocks (about the size of a large man’s hand). Then we would pour the unmixed Quikrete®, and follow it with about 5 gal of water, as suggested by @kritiper above.

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@2davidc8 Quick setting does just that, by it’s percentage of composition (How much sand, gravel, cement) Pre-mixed is concrete that is mixed in the bag as standard concrete with the standard amounts of sand, gravel, cement. Quick setting sets up fast, plain old pre-mixed sets up slower. All concrete will begin to set up of left alone and not kept stirred or in a mixer. Post mix is a mix of cement, sand and gravel made just for fence posts and is not recommended for normal concrete uses. The main trick is to pour the dry concrete into the hole and get the fence post set just the way you want it before adding water. I’ve heard of fence builders who put up the whole fence, or at least all the posts and cross rails, before adding water to the dry concrete.

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Got it. Thanks, @kritiper.

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