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How is Hillary Clinton a better qualified candidate for President of the US than Donald Trump?

Asked by Strauss (21176points) July 28th, 2016

Inspired by the current campaigns, as well as this question, that other question. This is intended as a discussion to contrast and compare.

—Also, see companion question

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Yes, she is. She has eight years in the Senate and 4 years as a very good Secretary of State. Donald Trump has six bankruptcies.

There is no comparison between the two. Hilary Clinton lays out 37 detailed positions on her website. Donald Trump has seven vague ideas, two of which are about building a wall.

Hilary Clinton supports the rights of all minorities including LGBT. Donald Trump denigrates women and minorities, including latinos and Muslims and other immigrants. He also badmouths women.

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Here’s a comparative timeline I got from UltraViolet Action, that I think at least partly answers the question.

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She has better political experience than Trump. Trump is a reality tv star. And he will destroy America, I guarantee it. I don’t even care about his lack of professionalism in the way he address people. If he knew what he was doing, I’d have some respect for him.

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She has more experience settling international issues, helping children, trying to establish National Health Insurance, helping rescue small businesses after 9/11, helping first responders, and lots more.
She really is a terrible campaigner, but wonderful in office.

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Eight hours later and only four responses shows just how favorable she is.

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She has much more experience in the actual functioning of government and how compromise is sometimes required in order to get things done. Trump on the other hand is used to being rather dictatorial in his experience as a “business tycoon”

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Trump is a jerk. Even apart from his wacky political ideas, he has no regard for the truth. He says whatever comes into his head. He has no sense of diplomacy. He calls people names like a ten year old. I don’t think he has a clue as to how to govern. If he is elected, the U.S. will be the laughing stock of the world.

Clinton made an interesting point at the DNC. She said that when it come to public service, she is better at the service part than the public part. In other words, you can’t expect her to suddenly change her personality, but if you want someone who can get the job done then she is the one.

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I would like for those with questions about Clinton to maybe look at This It is not actually her but it should/could be.

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@LostInParadise I’m in the UK but following this election as closely as I can. A lot of people are talking about it over here and I believe that you are right when you say if Trump is elected the US will be a laughing stock. I’m just glad that Boris Johnson didn’t run for PM, could you imagine Trump and Johnson running our countries?! They might make good TV and bring some comedy value every so often (although Trump is becoming less funny and more scary!!) but those are not qualifications to lead people and run a country effectively.

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