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Which educational degree shall I pursue depending on my interests?

Asked by FahadNajeeb (6points) July 28th, 2016

Hi, I am a high school student (with Physics, Chemistry & Math as majors) and soon will be going to university, and I am confused in choosing the right field for me. I am confused between lots of points, so I want you to help me get the answers to that. I am pointing out what interests me & what I lack in.

Things that intrigue me:

1. I like to write my point of views on the situations (so that people could read and reach me)

2. I like making documents & Port folios, from their design to content.

3. I like to teach audience on the matters, counsel & support.

4. Curious about all the things, like how things are, how they operate.

5. Being independent, authority over my work, and not just told conventionally methodologies without my input.

6. I want to be flexible and not just desk job.

7. I want to do things to market the product and reach audience.

8. My interests are: reading history, Astronomy & Architecture of places fascinates me, Traveling, photography, technology.

Things I lack in:

1. I am bad at instant responses. It takes me time to absorb information and fully understand it.

2 . Cannot work what is being instructed unless I do it and have guidance for doing it.

3. I lack details in my work (mostly numerical).

4. I get tired and frustrated over repetitive work, I need constant changes & challenges in the work all the time.

5. I always question conventional styles.

6. Being introvert, I don’t get along with people from the start and it takes me to settle in (I really need a work on my social skills).

I have an introvert personality, INTP type (yes I had personality test but they overloaded me with lots of fields), ideas keep poking in my head. My analytical skills are good I can identify the trend & understand the problem long before people taking a hold of problem, so I get irritated with people sometimes. I was a teacher at my spare time and I liked math (because it kept me challenged).

I want you to advice me which educational degree shall I pursue which brings the best out of me. I have listed some fields which I felt interested in up on searching.

I am confused between digital marketing, Architecture, Communication & Media studies, and International Relations, software engineering.

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If you don’t know what you want to do with yourself, college is a lousy place to figure it out. Better to hit the road, head for a warm climate, and work odd jobs to support yourself. Just don’t get caught stealing anything. Come back when you feel smarter.

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Don’t pick architecture – you will have to stand up in front of people to present your designs.

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Your list of “Things that Intrigue Me”, other than #8, aren’t about subjects but about how you like to do things. Same with “Things I Lack In”.

Selecting a course of study is more about where your passions lie, what subjects do you find interesting and what you want to explore.

So look at what keeps your interest.

By the way, if you like architecture and astronomy, both of those are highly dependent on math and on showing your work.

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I was in your position in high school (entered college on a chemistry scholarship), but I’m currently a web developer for a marketing agency and I love it.

If you unconventional styles and variety, I’d look into digital marketing more.

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You need to completely rethink your position. You are preparing for a career, not a hobby. “Passion” has nothing to do with it; only skill counts. When you come right down to doing the job, impressions count more than skills. I suggest you read “Dress For Success” by John Molloy and consider all the advice for students. (And don’t get hung up on the clothes part.)
– Vocal skill will affect your earning power more than any other detail.
– Acting skill will get you a job offer even when you are not qualified for the job.
– The most important benefit you get from school is your address book.
– The difference between a successful person and a very successful person is that the latter knows hundreds more people, and knows them quite well.
– No school will teach you any of the above. They don’t even teach how to do well in their school.

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