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Which educational degree shall I pursue depending on my interests?

Asked by FahadNajeeb (6points) July 28th, 2016

Hi, I am a high school student (with Physics, Chemistry & Math as majors) and soon will be going to university, and I am confused in choosing the right field for me. I am confused between lots of points, so I want you to help me get the answers to that. I am pointing out what interests me & what I lack in.

Things that intrigue me:

1. I like to write my point of views on the situations (so that people could read and reach me)

2. I like making documents & Port folios, from their design to content.

3. I like to teach audience on the matters, counsel & support.

4. Curious about all the things, like how things are, how they operate.

5. Being independent, authority over my work, and not just told conventionally methodologies without my input.

6. I want to be flexible and not just desk job.

7. I want to do things to market the product and reach audience.

8. My interests are: reading history, Astronomy & Architecture of places fascinates me, Traveling, photography, technology.

Things I lack in:

1. I am bad at instant responses. It takes me time to absorb information and fully understand it.

2 . Cannot work what is being instructed unless I do it and have guidance for doing it.

3. I lack details in my work (mostly numerical).

4. I get tired and frustrated over repetitive work, I need constant changes & challenges in the work all the time.

5. I always question conventional styles.

6. Being introvert, I don’t get along with people from the start and it takes me to settle in (I really need a work on my social skills).

I have an introvert personality, INTP type (yes I had personality test but they overloaded me with lots of fields), ideas keep poking in my head. My analytical skills are good I can identify the trend & understand the problem long before people taking a hold of problem, so I get irritated with people sometimes. I was a teacher at my spare time and I liked math (because it kept me challenged).

I want you to advice me which educational degree shall I pursue which brings the best out of me. I have listed some fields which I felt interested in up on searching.

I am confused between digital marketing, Architecture, Communication & Media studies, and International Relations, software engineering.

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