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How concerned are you that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will both receive their government intelligence briefing within days?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) July 28th, 2016

Candidates would be advised of the classified nature of the material.

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“Government intelligence” is an oxymoron. We all know that briefings happen all the time. Why should anyone be concerned about this one?

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I don’t think I had ever thought about it. It is somewhat disconcerting particularly since Trump has trouble keeping his mouth shut.

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I’m am a little afraid Trump will “tweet” what is discussed.

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I’m pretty sure this is still prepared specifically for who it’s being delivered to.

It’s not like they suddenly get the keys and can dig up the JFK file to see what’s up. They get a condensed view of the news with greater details and backstory.

Still, I wish video of them each receiving the briefing could be released. I think the contrast of their reaction to the day to day grind would be fascinating and amusing.

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A presidential candidate is not President. He has no authority and no legal right to know.

Trump can’t be cleared. He is not reliable. He is openly calling for Russian security services to breach American secrets.

The professionals will not give him anything that cannot be found on Wikipedia.

But it will be delivered by men in black suits with earpieces, and Trump will be happy. Another trophy.

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For Hillary, it will be more of an update since her last briefing as Sect’y of State. And she probably mores as much or more of the policy implications of whoever is briefing her.

I did hear a suggestion that Trump swear to secrecy on pain of prosecution. It is n;t so much that he will disclose to Putin, as he will shoot his mouth off at a rally to make fun of a situation.

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Relevant story published today

Could Candidate Donald Trump Be Denied National Security Briefings? – NBC News

James Clapper, the current Director of National Intelligence, said he would conduct the briefings himself.

White House spokesperson Josh Earnest said Thursday that the president is going to stick with “tradition that’s been in place for more than 60 years.”

Earnest also said that sensitive information must be protected. “The administration is confident they can both provide relevant and sufficient briefings to the two major party presidential candidates, while also protecting sensitive national security information,” Earnest said.

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Thanks, @funkdaddy.
Perfecto update!

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I hope that info on Area51 would be shared. Obama got the same info and was asked about Area51 and he said that nothing interesting happens there. I am hoping that Clinton or Trump would goof up and tell us that First Contact happened In the 50’s.

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Trump is your guy, @RedDeerGuy1.

Problem is, can you believe him or not?

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Well, it looks like Trump may have already disclosed classified information.

At a press conference after his first briefing, he complained about the US paying rent for military bases in Saudi Arabia. All the bases in Saudi Arabia were closed after 9/11; any bases there now as part of the effort against ISIL are secret.

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I see @funkdaddy and @zenvelo already answered that question. Yeah, He’s going to be a real plus for our adversaries. Putin, Kim Jong-un and Isis will just adore him and his loose lips. With a son in the military, I really worry how much his loose lips will endanger our military and our home security.

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If Trump wins, I think Congress should pass a military “opt out” exception, @Pandora.
That’s not the kind of shit they signed up for.

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@isturbo the Congress can’t “opt out” the President from getting briefings in his Executive position. That is the reason I think the GOP leaders are wondering what they have to look forward to for a President.

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@Tropical_Willie I think @ibstubro was referring to adding a clause for military personnel to opt out of the service if Trump becomes President because they never sign on to having a mentally incapable Commander and Chief.
I can see future lawyers fighting that. They never agreed to sign their life away to the hands of a mad man.

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Pretty much, @Pandora.

Anyone in the federal government’s employ should be off the hook.

All bets are off with Trump.

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I think they should do this either earlier in the primaries, or after someone is elected. Doing it now does what? Shouldn’t we do it earlier on so a candidate can bow out gracefully if what they hear is overwhelming to them? Or, when they actually are president, if it’s really info for the president.

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Well, they are the official nominees, now, @JLeslie.
One of the 2 is officially going to take over in a few months. Reality check.

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@ibstubro They don’t become president the day of the voting results.

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February is months away, and, regardless of the flippancy of Trump, it’s not a small or easy job.

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The briefings number one or two between now and election day, and don’t cover covert topics such as espionage or nuclear arsenals, according to the article in the link. In other words, the candidates are not getting the quantity or details that the President gets.

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