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Have you ever mastered a card game, completely?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) July 28th, 2016

When I was in college a friend and I mastered the card game “Hearts”.
We might be beaten a hand? But the game was ours.
At one time I was a formidable Canasta player.

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I am an absolute expert at Solitaire.

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Rummy. I’m an expert.

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9 – 5 Setback – - I paid for my books in college a couple of semesters.

Also was taught how to play Bridge at my “house”. The two of us (from the house) won the campus wide Bridge tournament. There were 40 teams at the beginning.

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As a hardcore loner, solitaire is my game. I’m also a pro at blackjack.

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I once spent a week in Las Vegas playing poker. All totaled, it only cost me fifty bux. So now when somebody suggests a trip to Vegas I tell them no, I didn’t lose anything there, I don’t need to go back looking for it.

TIP: If you are tempted to go to Las Vegas, mail your money to a casino and stay home. It’s cheaper that way.

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I was pretty damn good at cribbage in my day.

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Apart from Solitaire I have also master Spider and Freecell. I’m also good at 2 card games called “Cruel” and “Pyramid”. Guess years of sitting in front of the computer screen pay off.

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Pitch, Gin, Hearts, and Freecell.
I am fair at bridge, but don’t play enough to improve.
My favorite solitaire game is Russian Spider, which you’re lucky to win once in 200 games.

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Old Maid
Go Fish
Phase 10
I don’t play many card games anymore.

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Snap, i’ll smack that pack with reflexes that would shame Bruce Lee

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Spades. It was pretty easy to play, I thought, but you need 4 people. Other than that, I don’t play cards and most people I know don’t play that I know of.

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Three friends and I spent a year playing rummy every day in biology class. We got to the point where we could tell a couple moves in who had which cards. We eventually switched to Magic: The Gathering.

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I also kick serious ass at Spit. Or speed, or whatever folk call it.

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Blackjack is my game

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Ah, Spades, @jca.
Now I recall that we only moved to Hearts after we wore everyone out on losing at Spades. lol
I was pretty damned good at Euchre at one point, too.

“Cross talk” does not have to be noticeable..

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My grandma was a Canasta fan and played with her group of little old lady pals back in the 60’s. They were ruthless, the gin and tonic wielding crucifiers of friendships.
Had they been packing pistols I’m pretty sure someone would have been shot at some point. haha
Every night in the summer they would come shuffling over from all around the neighborhood and raise hell til well after midnight.

For a bunch of fairly refined old gals they were downright cut throat in their playing.
My grandma taught me to play when I was about 9 or 10 and quickly regretted it, was always telling her friends that I beat the pants off of her. haha
Many a summer afternoon playing Cansta with grandma in her comfy lanai room.

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I’m sorry I fell out of the habit of playing Canasta, @Coloma. I used to have BBQ ribs and Canasta parties.

What a great memory to have of your grandmother!

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@ibstubro Yes, fun times, jokers wild! lol

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My sister taught me 52 card pickup. I’m a master.

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^^^^ HA – HA

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