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Over a month ago Trump decided to keep the Washington Post reporter from his "shows". Why doesn't the press all man up and ALL refuse to cover him if he does not allow ALL of them to attend?

Asked by rojo (24159points) July 28th, 2016


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Cuz no one person makes decisions for “ALL of them”.

Seriously… if “ALL” the press refused Donald… except one reporter… then that one reporter would have an exclusive scoop… of which he’d/she’d sell to each of the networks for a trump-a-licious wad of cash.

So go ahead and ban Trump. I’ll be there to get the scoop and clean up soon thereafter.

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So no one understands that if he, or anyone else for that matter, decides to keep one of them out he/she can decide to keep others out as well unless they toe the line? Or is it more likely that they don’t give a shit as long as the cash keeps on flowing?

Fucking Scabs.

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Would you give anyone who wanted an interview, and interview?

Would you give an interview to someone you didn’t like?

Would you give an interview to someone you thought didn’t like you?

Would you give an interview to someone who you felt had an agenda against you?

Would you give an interview to a publication that you felt was against you?

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Yes to all of the above if I were running for office. If I chose no then I am not worthy of the time the news services put in to covering me and the possible voters who would vote for me. If I only choose favorable butt lickers then how can anything I have to say be newsworthy.

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Avoiding potential hostile and negative interviews does not make all others favorable butt lickers by default. Politicians, and business leaders in general, don’t pursue anything that has the ability to slander them. They associate with those of whom they can gain something from.

Even more so for those seeking to attain office than those already in office.

It’s human nature. No different than the teen who avoids parents with hard questions. Or the spouse who avoids hard questioning from their partner. We naturally seek validation. We avoid ridicule and smearing.

This is not a “Trump” issue. There are plenty of politicians who avoid specific reporters even when they are allowed to attend the press conference.

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The question is not really about the candidate but why the media allow him to intimidate them. It just seems to me that they could stop any candidate from cherry picking his or her favorites by unionizing and refusing to allow anyone who did so to achieve any publicity at all.

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It’s because some people are only looking for ammunition to use against him. Or in some cases there is a grudge involved.

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because journalism today has no integrity. all they are interested in is sales figures.

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@ragingloli, that’s quite a generalization. I agree that money is a huge factor, but to say all journalism has “no integrity’ is incorrect. As a former newspaperman, I know there are plenty of reporters and columnists out there working their hearts out to get it right.

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@ragingloli ever hear of Annie Oakley? It’s not a new thing.

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LOL. What view of the press does someone have to have to think this makes sense? I don’t even know where to begin.

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