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Why does it seem like more people here than in the real world are fixated on Donald Trump?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26834points) July 29th, 2016

I cannot count how many questions over the past many weeks that have had something to do with Donald Trump. When I speak to people live we hardly speak of him, he doesn’t seem to be that important. Why does it seem he is that important here?

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Because many people are rightly terrified to what will happen if he become president. Let’s get real, if he is elected American will not be great at all.

To be fair the Trump debate is actually brought up in more places than Fluther.

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You, apparently, live under a rock that is located in a distant galaxy.

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Discussing politics is a quick way to lose friends.

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If I spoke to Trump supporters in the real world, about Trump and his policies and ideas, it’s likely that we would get into a huge, ugly argument, if not fisticuffs. That’s not as likely to happen here inside Fluther (the actual physical violence part). Also, I’m guessing that more people on Fluther are not Trump supporters, so the conversations and questions are usually along the lines of What the hell are we, collectively, supposed to do if he becomes elected?.

When I find out that one of my friends or relatives is a Trump supporter, I choose to keep my opinions about that to myself, simply to keep the peace.

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Easy lurve from name calling is rather compelling to some I believe.

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^^^ Right, name calling demonstrates immaturity (oh, wait…)

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Why did you ask a question about the Trump if you feel he is unimportant?

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@Seek You, apparently, live under a rock that is located in a distant galaxy.
We all have our dreams…..too bad that is a fantasy with no truth to it. However, it has nothing to do with why Trump seems to dominate more threads here than he ought to. I perceive you may have feminist leanings and rooting Hilary prevails. Seeing we are speculating about people, I might as well get mine in.

@SecondHandStoke Easy lurve from name calling is rather compelling to some I believe.
NOOOO!!! Put the BBQ out! That never happens *here. ~~~

@flutherother Why did you ask a question about the Trump if you feel he is unimportant?
Because I did not have a woman in my path wondering if she likes me because she always smile at me, or what does it means because she gives me a muffin in the morning every day for three months, or she always seem to text with a flirty message should I make a move and ask her out, bla, bla, bla…. Seriously, I have to pass by so many questions where people seem to make Trump the center of conversation, I don’t think he is that important being a candidate or not. Mystifies me how others can let him command so much attention.

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It’s the flavor of the month. No one talks about Ross Perout anymore.

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I am a feminist but I’m not even a little excited about Hillary.

Donald Trump is a topic of conversation everywhere. Not just here. His ridiculous face is on every TV screen and his asinine voice is on every radio station and his absurd tweets are shared all over social media.

This Presidential election is a giant Hieronymus Bosch painting. Everything is happening and none of it is good.

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@Hypocrisy_Central ”(It) mystifies me how others can let him command so much attention.”

Trump bashing is a low risk, high yield way for people to feed their sense of self righteousness.

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^ I guess I can roll with that a bit, some here sure love ‘bashing”, especially the outlier.

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The only social rule I learned from my father was “If the subject turns to politics or religion, drop it. If it comes up again, drop it again.”

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Because liberals love to hate this guy.

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You apparently have not noticed how much attention the media pays to Trump. Practically anything he says shows up on television. The world is divided between those who love the guy and those of us who keep searching for reasons why someone so unqualified and boorishly self-centered can attract such a following. We keep hoping he will say something so stupid he will alienate his followers. Not gonna happen. Trump has a lock on the white trash vote.

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Remember the rule: “Don’t ever elect a poor man.” The nation has been electing poor people and they somehow get rich in public office. Trump is one of the few who got rich by his own non-political efforts.

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Obama was a millionaire when he was elected.

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What’s that got to do with anything? He served three terms in the Illinois Senate before being elected president.

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Read this @SmartAZ. As a senator he made $80,000. Hell, we make $80,000 a year. There is far more to his wealth than that. It was hard work on both their parts, and shrewd investments.

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Because you keep asking questions relating to Trump everyday. Notice many of us who respond don’t go asking about him on a daily bases.
So basically you create the situation you are asking about.

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^ Because you keep asking questions relating to Trump everyday.
The OQ was posted more than half a year ago, I do not think he was even the nominee, and even then all you could here was Trump did this, he said that, he will do this to the nation, blah, blah, blah. Now that he IS PRESIDENT, I have to update to the rest of the world seemed to have caught up (no slowing down on this place) of all the whining because he won, and insulting, bashing, trashing, and maligning him. Yeah, this nation is sure in a better place when you have some people who will spit into a hand reached cross the hall that will promote US citizenry and togetherness. ~~~

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