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How can you tell If you are in an alien zoo?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17721points) July 29th, 2016

What would the zookeeper human vet say about you? Humor welcome. The vet would say that I should walk more often and eat better. Also to stop antagonizing future mates.

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I am your zookeeper.

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When you’re the one looking out of the cage.

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@ragingloli Thanks for keeping me alive and safe. Can I have better and more food, and a sane mate?

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The animals here outnumber the humans.
6 horses, 4 dogs, 3 cats, 22 chickens, 37 animals vs. 4 humans, sometimes 5.
I’d say we live in a petting zoo scene as it is. haha

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Who’s to say that we actually aren’t?

It’s as plausible an explanation for our existence as any.

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Maybe we are in Gods petting zoo?

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Nobody asks if you like the food.

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Are you following the election news?

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Wait! Do you hear the music? Four notes! Is that Rod Sterling in a black suit and tie? Uh-oh.
He’d say: “Don’t break your glasses or you can’t read the books and you’re screwed.” Or ” who is actually being stared at in the zoo?” Maybe “Hey- cute shiny-silver space suit!” No, wait- “If it looks like a perfect house and you go outside and it’s also perfect, Susie’s big ‘ole hand will squeeze your head off. And you’ll go to the Dollhouse Hospital! Then the doctor/vet will be uuuuge because it’s Susie’s brother’s GI Joe she stole this morning.” or just a boring old Ken doll.

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