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If it's the Constitution that leads Trump to say and do what he says and does then....?

Asked by flo (12974points) July 29th, 2016
Should USA kill all the family members of terrorists? That’s Trump’s proposal. Is that Constitution friendly?

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….How many born and raised Americans .have joined ISIS etc.? He wants all the immediate family members of even those terrorists would be killed if he becomes president. Is that what he is proposing? Or did he just mean only the terrorists in Muslim countires?

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He doesn’t give a rats ass about the constitution.

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Out of fear of being off-topic, I’ll just say no, of course we shouldn’t, and of course it’s in no way anything approaching legal. It may even be illegal to seriously suggest that they should, unless no one arrests you because you’re somehow being mistaken for a viable presidential candidate, or just because no one who realizes it’s a problem can really quite believe what’s being said.

I think Trump is playing “how ridiculously can I behave and still be a successful candidate?” It’s actually doing a fantastic job of illustrating how ridiculously bad our political system, media, political establishment, and so on are.

Should I have mentioned our education, too? How can these even be valid questions for adults? How can a candidate who suggests such things be taken seriously by our other politicians, and our media, and so much of our public?

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The NATO bombings and some special forces raids are already killing more family members, innocent women and children, than they are terrorists—to something like 6 to 1 since 2003. It’s one of the reasons we have ISIS. He’s a little late with that proposal.

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Trump doesn’t have a clue or care a fig what the Constitution says. Don’t forget—he brags how he gets his info from TV and social media.

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Perhaps the constitution of Wonderland. Trump has a great deal in common with the red queen, including an overiding obsession with his own “magnificence” and fleetingly little tolerance for anything else. What is more befitting on the coat of arms of the petulant, scowling, possum topped king than “off with their heads”?

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The president is not a free-reign king who can who whatever he gets a whim to do. He is not above the law!

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More importantly- what does Mike Pence think about the constitutional situation when Trump gets Impeached? Eeks! ( IF they get elected! )

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Just another Trump proposal that has no roots in reality. The sheep love it.

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