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My credit union charged me a five dollar fee for not updating my address. Does this seem right?

Asked by johnpowell (17848points) July 29th, 2016

I moved a few months ago and didn’t update my banking info since it was a pain and my current info is going to change soon and calling them is a tedious. They don’t allow you to change it over the internet.

So a few days ago I notice a odd fee.

So I just called and they said they are charged by the post office if they get mail returned. I find this claim spurious. And really.. Five bucks?

Has anyone had a similar thing happen and does the USPS actually charge for mail marked “return to sender”?

This is the first I have ever heard of such a nonsense charge.

After a few minutes on the phone they did reverse the charge.

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Same thing happened to me with my bank. And the charge was 5.00. The only difference was, I had not changed addresses. Someone accidently typed in one digit off.
I went to the bank and they reversed it.

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No, it’s not right. The Senate subcommittee on banking was supposed to fix this gouging a few years ago, but then the mortgage market fell through in 2008 and the whole deal was lost in the bailout with the banks crying poverty. It’s just gotten worse. I’m an old fogey now, a crank, so I scan my statements after removing account identifiers and email them along with my bitching to my local congressman and state senator everytime this happens to me. It’s all we got pal.

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You would have to read the fine print on your contract that you must of signed to join the bank. Yes I think your $5 charge is a dick move from the bank.

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Tell them to go fuck themselves and take your cash to a new credit union if they don’t refund it. I don’t put up with this and whenever my current CU tries this bullshit I call and bitch and they refund. If they ever don’t I’ll take every penny somewhere else.

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Lol. Credit card companies and ethics should never be in the same sentence….

Try telling them that you will report them to the Better Business Bureau. I’ve never done it. But mentioning it gets people’s attention.

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Screw that.

I’d be curious if there is a fee from USPS. Astrochuck would probably know. I don’t think I’ve seen him around lately though. No matter what, you can bet it isn’t $5.

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A small piece of that price is to pay the person who deals with returned mail in their operations department. The rest is punitive.

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They put in whatever BS charges they can think of on the theory that if someone does NOT notice or complain, it’s just extra bucks in their pockets.

Anytime this has happened to me I’ve complained long and loud and threatened to take my business elsewhere. They’ve always caved and refunded.

The squeeky wheel gets the attention. Good for you for challenging it.

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