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What's the iPhone users demographic?

Asked by leftspin (56points) July 20th, 2007 from iPhone

Leave your location, age range (e.g., 30-40), hours/week spent online, geek or not geek, artistically inclined or not.

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Seattle, 30-40, 40hrs/week, geek (SWE), photography & cooking.

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oh yeah i forgot, this one's for iPhone owners only.

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Dallas.22. 40hrs a week. Geek. :)

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Ny 24 30hrs/week. I'm a geek, but I like to write and draw as well.

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TX, 24, full-time student (biology/pre-pharmacy), I used my financial aid money to buy the iPhone :-), 20 or so hours a week online, not really artistic, but i am a little bit of a geek.

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-Portland, Oregon
-29 years old
-About 20 hours of non-work stuff per week.
-If we consider code art, then yes. I can't draw or paint. I know how to modify things in Photoshop. I just don't create anything from scratch.

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Eastside Washington
45 years old
On-line about 2 hours a day for personal use and fun
Creative web design/solution design

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- 20 years old
- W Lafayette, IN (Purdue University) and San Jose, CA (summers with parents)
- online 8 to 10 hrs a day
- geek
- not artistic or creative at all

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35 y/o~40 hrs/wk online
multimedia artist/prof

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37 male firefighter 40 hrs/week Louisiana not a geek

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NJ; 41 F; ~20 hrs/wk online; I'm not really a tech 'geek' nor am I especially artistic, but I have enough knowledge and experience in those areas to be able to appreciate what others create.

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location : NY

age range : 13

online : too much

geek? yes, im rele good with anything that has to do with technology. but im not a friendless geek that looks ugly and is anoyying. lol

occupation: part-time disk jockey

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Baltimore / 29 / 40-60 hours a week (work and personal) / geek among non-geeks, idiot among actual geeks / pseudo-artistic - I'm a web analytics dude so I get paid to analyze "art" produced online

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Los Angeles, CA, 18, countless hours, geeeek, artistically inclined

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Chattanooga, TN. 30 – 40. 80+ hours/week online. Pseudo-geek. Not artistic, but creative.

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