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What can I do to fix my Iphone?

Asked by EnzoX24 (1986points) July 31st, 2008

Ok, its not really broken, that I know of, it just wont turn off. Its been on the shut down loading screen, where the wheel spins on a black screen, and it wont do anything. How can I fix it?

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hold down the home and lock buttons for about 10 seconds, that should reboot.

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Have you tried the hold the power button and the home button down together thing.

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Ooooooh snap.

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Like jholller adn osullivanbr mention, holding down both the hold switch and the home button at the same time should reboot your iPhone. Once you see the white Apple logo appear, release both buttons and wait…

If the iPhone doesn’t move on from the white Apple and appears stuck, you can then try “recovery mode” as a last resort, but be aware that recovery mode will cause you to restore the iPhone using iTunes and re-installing your iPhone’s system firmware (the OS). This will wipe out all the memory on the iPhone and should be used as a last resort.

If you’re going to proceed with recovery mode, then check out the instructions I left in this discussion thread. I have a lot of experience with this…so feel free to PM if you need help.

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If all else fails, remember your 1-year warranty. Call 1–800-my-iphone and the folks there (I used to be one of them!) will happily help.

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I have to second that, warranty service is excellent.

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Try a total iPhone system restore, done through itunes. Also if your using 3rd party apps try using the itunes store and syncing the apps rather then using the app store on the iphone.

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