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Any good ideas for a moderately priced place to hold a party in Philadelphia?

Asked by marinelife (62460points) July 31st, 2008

Going back for our 25th anniversary. Would like to celebrate with friends. Do not want to spend a fortune. Outdoors is OK too.

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how many people?

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Where was the place ECW used to run their shows from in Killadelphia? Great building, and if Heyman could afford it: You can too.

Then again, if it’s a more intimate setting you’re looking for, most hotels charge a fair rate for hourly ballroom rentals of all sizes. Most of them are pretty fashionably decorated, and they will assist in the setup/tear down. Call around :)

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Number. Good question. Probably Between 35 and 50.

PaM, I will look into Chris’. Jazz is very much out style. Um, lovelocke, I am afraid I did not follow that. Who or what is ECW?

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Marina: Fairmount Park has some wonderful venues;

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@gc I rethought the outdoor thing. I would love to. We were married outside, but this event is likely to be evening. I will check into the possibility of a boathouse though.

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My aunt is the accountant at an African American art museum in Philadelphia that can be rented for parties, they even do catering I think but I have to call her to find out the name/info. I think it is moderately priced though, if you’re interested.

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@nayeight Yes, thanks. That museum went in after I left Philadelphia. I have always wanted to go there.

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Ok well it’s like 3am now but I’ll definitely call her tomorrow and get some info!

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Marina: F Park has indoor spaces within the Park. I went to a “do” or “semi-do” run by the Germantown Friends’ Meeting and it was both in the Park – Mt. Airy – Chestnut Hill end -and indoors.

I was thinking about the boathouses and wondered whether they rent out. Certainly being on the river would be lovely. Everyone could bike there.

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