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How can I be less sentimental?

Asked by lugerruger (785points) August 2nd, 2016

I’m currently tidying my room, and I’ve come to a realization that I have been trying to ignore for a while.
I keep everything. I have way too much stuff. There are of course some things that are worth keeping but most of the stuff is things that I probably won’t care about in the future. I understand that, and I think that when I do actually get rid of the stuff I’d be fine. The problem I have is just getting rid of the stuff. I really shouldn’t have 30+ stuffed toys at my age.
Even just a better way to store this stuff would be good. Thank you!

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Sentimentality is stretched pretty thin over 30 stuffed toys at any age. I’d explain to the toys that it is time to move on and you can no longer devote the same time to them that you once did. I would keep the oldest and most loyal of the stuffed toys and give the rest to charity shops where they will find new owners to love them.

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It isn’t so much sentimentality as it is a bit of fear of missing something.

It can be hard, yet what @flutherother suggests is a way to start. Take anything you have not spent any time with in the last year, other than moving it around your room, and get ready to get rid of it.

Take anything that is still usable, and give it to the Salvation Army or other charity store. Do this once a month until your room is less cluttered, then do it at least once every six months.

Clean out your closet and drawers of any clothes you have not worn in a year.

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I love sentimentality and hope I never lose mine.

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A lot of sentimentality can be personality related with feeling types more prone to attaching a lot of sentimental value to objects and having issues with hoarding and anxiety about getting rid of useless, ( to most peoples standards ) items. There is nothing wrong with having a sentimental attachment to a few things but if it becomes out of control where everything has some sort of emotional attachment and you are drowning in stuff that you are finding impossible to part with, thin out, give or throw away, it may be a form of OCD as well.

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There are many different reasons for being a hoarder. Hoarding behavior can be due to clinging to outdated sentimental feelings, having a fear of loss, or even compensating for feelings of being unfairly deprived. Experiences from the past can help, but can also interfere with the present. You will always be a hoarder, whether it be of sentiments or of objects. There is no cure or solution. Be who you are. By the way, Hoarders usually marry Trashers, who are people who like to throw things away and continually reinvent themselves.

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@chapmyhide haha, I’m a trasher, and I was once married to a guy with moderate OCD he HATED me moving things and re-arranging the house which is something I like to do, change things up and around. He wasn’t a hoarder but was very anal about all his stuff being arranged and kept in order. I once told him, when he was complaining about me re-arranging some furniture that as long as he didn’t go blind deal with it. lol

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You could get a book on hoarding… thats often why horders hoard I think because they can’t bear to part with the items. So maybe you have a mild hoarding problem.

I was recently visiting someone in a psychiatric hospital and in the book shop I saw one of the books, it was all books on mental illnesses and one of them was on hoarding,

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