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What do you think is the best/worst movie series?

Asked by anthony81212 (389points) July 31st, 2008

I’ve always thought the Godfather series was great.
Pirates of the Caribbean had a good start, but it got progressively worse.
What are your favorites/least favorites?

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Does 007 count? I love Bond movies but some weren’t so great.

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I agree with actor and blogger Wil Wheaton on VH-1’s “I Love the Millenium” who said Lord of the Rings was the redemption trilogy for all geekdom. That trilogy restored geeks from the tragedy of Star Wars I, II, and III.


I just watched this a few hours ago and that statement from him is so true.

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Best: LOTR, Jaws, Star Wars, and Harry Potter.
Worst: Friday the 13th, Halloween
Series that Will Never Be: His Dark Materials, what a shame….:(

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Worst: The Bourne series (Matt Damon = Blech!), or Pirates.
Best: I love the Resident Evil movies (Mila Jovovich is hot), the Before Sunset/Sunrise series, Kill Bill, and the Airplane movies.

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@ AstroChuck, I guess so; I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that when asking!

@ tinyfaery: I agree, Kill Bill was great

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best: star wars (i enjoyed episodes I, II & III), the matrix, and harry potter
worse: potc, childsplay (lololol) and uh i cant think of any more probably because they are so bad

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best series that is often overlooked is Back to the Future.

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Best: Terminator (#3 was weak, but the first two were awesome!), Matrix, Transporter, Borne (Sorry, tinyfaery, but I’ve got to disagree—Damon kicks ass in those flicks), Tremors

Worst: Second Star Wars Trilogy, Tremors

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I don’t know if anyone has seen “Night Watch”, or “Day Watch”. There’s a third one, but I can’t think of it right now. They were huge in Russia, but not in the U.S.
I liked them though.

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I would like to say the best is The Godfather series, but number three is what makes it a series, not just a movie and a sequel, and number three was just awful, so I can’t really vote that way. The Lethal Weapon series or the Harry Potter movies would get my vote.

As for the worst, for me it would be a tie between the Rocky movies and The Karate Kid.

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i loved the terminator trilogy. i usually hate sequels and trilogys but terminator series was really good for me

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Can I just say 90% of childrens movies?

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best spiderman worst scary movie

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Worst- Police Academy

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Back to the Future, Bourne series, the original Star Wars films and the Oceans films (Oceans 11, 12, 13). But I have to admit the first film in all of those series is definately the best :) oh…damn what’s it called…Die Hard, that’s the one. Just action packed, late night films that I’ve only seen two of the four. ‘tis good. :)

As for worse series, I’ve never watched any, I only tend to watch the series if the first film appealed.

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Best = Bourne series and Godfather, Oceans is decent.
Worst = Pirates for sure.

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HAhahahaha – my daughter insists that I add the Littlefood Movies, ooops, I sit corrected, “Land Before Time” grumble grumble grumble….

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ahh! the land before time! so good!

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Movies have been around longer than 1 generation
Best-Thin Man series
Worst-Charlie Chan

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I just realized that I wrote Little FOOD instead of Little FOOT…damn why is it always about food with me??? I’m gonna eat that damn dinosaur…

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Scream I liked all 3.

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I really liked POTC!

My favorite series are Harry Potter and Star Wars

The worst imho are the Saws and Scary Movies

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