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How can you refinace your car loan, which is at 10%. When you have a credit score under 690, and your bank already told you no?

Asked by sanbuu (94points) July 31st, 2008
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Do you have a credit union? If you have automatic payroll withdrawal, maybe. For a bad credit score, 10% is not a bad rate.

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Have you tried the and routes? Both offer auto refi.

The last three vehicles I have purchased I used eloan. One was used and the other two were new.

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Depending on how your how your auto loan is amortized, you might be better off staying with the loan you have. Generally, you pay off all or most of the interest at the beginning of the payment schedule, so refinancing, especially after about a year, means that you’re re-applying new interest to your principle.

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@poser: That is a very good point.

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credit is super tight right now, and an auto is risky, in that it can be moved, unlike a home or a 401k account. banks are getting creamed by loan losses on mortgages, credit cards, and car loans going into default as the value of the car (in this case) becomes less than the value of the loan, what would be the incentive to repay the loan, if you got into a bind?
Not the answer you wanted or that I want to give since I make my living origionating loans——it sucks for all of us… will get worst before it gets better.

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Yes! Try a Home equity line of credit.

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@gooch: I sure hope you are joking.

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No really better rates which are tax deductible. If you have enough equity in your home your good for the loan. I recently did one for home improvements and threw my truck in. I am disciplined enough to pay this total loan off in two years.

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