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Do you let numbers sway you?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) August 3rd, 2016

I play WWF with several people. One of them, who I am about equal in skill to, told me he never, ever looks at the scores. So I’ve tried not to…BUT I CAN’T HELP IT! I’m not sure if it defeats me or inspires me.

There was a bag of Quick Crete that was left out on the side deck, open to the elements, as part of a post-setting project that didn’t happen. It’s been out there for 3 months. Got sick of looking at it, and knowing that it’s worthless now, I decided to haul it to our trailer, upon which is a bunch of other shit I’ve been cleaning out of the yard.
I shoved the block of hardened concrete from the low deck to the dolly I had standing by in the yard, and wheeled it out to the trailer. From there I had to pick it up, from the ground, 3 or 4 feet, to get it over the trailer rails and down on the bed.
I looked at the bag to see the weight….it was 50 pounds. I said, “Oh, hell! I can do that easily!” and so I did. (I probably could have actually carried it instead of the dolly but..I’m safer with myself than I used to be.)
Now I’m wondering if it had said, 80 pounds (but was still only 50) would I have been so confident? I’m sure I would have still done it…but would it have seemed as easy?

Just a thought. Do with it what you will.

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Well, that’s just good logic. My kid is 50 lbs and I lift him all day long. 80 lbs is lifting my kid and my dog at the same time. Frak all of that.

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I’m 58! As of July 24th! I tend to double check things any more.

When I was younger I could carry a 50lb salt bag over each shoulder and down the basement steps. I wouldn’t even consider carrying ONE 50 pound bag down the steps. Across flat ground, sure. But not down steps!

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I don’t look at the numbers, any of them, bathroom scale included.

I do what I do for they enjoyment of it, fuck bragging rights:

There is a phenomenon known as perceived exertion. This is about the fact that if one doesn’t know how much they are exerting they will be capable of exerting more.

I do what I can to forget the numbers in order to exploit this fact.

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I don’t look at bathroom scales, either, although I have some. I know when I’ve gained, and lost, weight by the way my clothes fit.

“Perceived exertion.” Exactly describes my question @SecondHandStoke!
This here flat rock had no weight printed on it (where the hell was OSHA??) All I could say was, “Well, OK.” and I moved it, again off the lower deck onto the dolly, through the back yard, through the fence to here. I had to spin it around a couple of times until it fit like I thought it should, in the walk way I’ve been slowly piecing together as I find rocks. I figure it was about 50 pounds too, but since it was all spread out it didn’t feel as heavy as the concrete.
And then there was this Norfolk Pine, 9 feet tall, in a heavy ceramic pot. I had to man handle him down two steps off the front porch, balance him on the dolly, get him in the general area I wanted him, then called it good for him for now. (He wasn’t getting enough light where he was.)
I got stalled out at this though. I’ve been hauling this damn couch about for 20 years! It came out of the basement of a place I used to rent. It’s homemade, out of 2X6’s and 2X4s, and I added some 2X6 to the seat, under the cushions, especially for one, very large person. I’m trying to move it up 3 steps. Got it up the first and, of course, when I went to lift it up onto the second it was much heavier, and it sure wasn’t going to get any easier on the last step, which would be the deck! But from there it will be much easier. But I’m too tuckered out to do more right now.

The last thing I did was set the sprinkler. I stood in its path for 3 rotations to make sure it was going where I wanted it to! Lord that felt good!

It’s 101 degrees here… clouds.

Now I have to go have minor surgery so I better take a shower.

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I play WWF with only one other person. We’re quite well matched. We win and lose equally, and usually not by many points either way. I couldn’t care less about the score (any more than I really care about my lurve here). I just enjoy the mental stimulation.

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…but many thanks to the jelly who just lurved me. ;-)

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Have no idea who it was. Hit me up on WWF on Facebook! But don’t challenge Auggie. She’ll throw the hurt on you.

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(Removed by user).

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I got that Fing couch moved up the last two steps to the upper deck. I’m done for today!

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Yes, numbers matter. Especially if I could put my back in danger of being hurt.
One other number matters: 213. My BMI is just right if I weigh less than that.

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