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Do you think having pretty skin means also being pretty?

Asked by fufinie (5points) August 3rd, 2016

Do you think having pretty skin means also being pretty? Give examples of someone who has pretty skin and is/is not pretty if you agree or disagree.

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Not necessarily, if you have displeasing facial structure underneath the pretty skin you can still be unattractive.

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No. It’s just one of several factors, actually. Don’t know of anyone who comes to mind.

Each person has something just right about them. Some individuals wind with with a bunch of stuff that is just right, and they get the label “pretty.” Or handsome. But a lot of that is bone structure and symmetry, more than anything.

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I worked with a woman who was not very attractive to me. She had average looks, and was overweight. But one of the women at work once said, “Marcie has the most beautiful skin.”

I noticed after that she had a very creamy, blemish free complexion.

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My mother-in-law has gorgeous skin. Almost 80-years-old and not a blemish, freckle, or liver spot in sight. Hardly a wrinkle as well.

She is not, by any measure, “pretty”.

But dat skin tho…

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I don’t seem to be attracted to blemish free skin, just occurred to me. I love my wife’s freckled back and face. I also like the small wrinkles when she smiles. Could be the airbrushed pics in magazines and billboards just don’t look “real” Not sure.

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Not necessarily. As @Dutchess_III explained so well, pretty skin is just one factor of beauty.

But, it does seem that skin trumps all. Even if the other attributes are attractive, I don’t think it’s possible to be pretty with bad skin. How very cruel this is; many people can’t control whether they have nice complexions or not.

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A good complexion.

There’s much to be said for it.

A smooth and uniform complexion goes a long way toward being considered attractive, and it forgives a multitude of other appearance sins.

I’ve seen people now and then that have had such lovely complexions that I wanted to weep, hold their cheek in my palm, or both.

I’ve been blessed with a better than average complexion. I do not take it for granted and maintain it as best I can. I’m aware it opens doors for me.

@Love_my_doggie says one cannot control their complexion. I disagree:

Exfoliate and moisturize, Exfoliate and moisturize.

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I do not, as a general rule, find obese people pretty, but I think many of them have pretty skin.

I think Chris Rock has pretty skin.

Almost all babies have beautiful skin, and yet, not all babies are beautiful.

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@SecondHandStoke If only if were that simple. Exfoliate/moisturize won’t counter severe acne breakouts; actually, the combination might irritate and exacerbate skin problems.

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Right. I think either you got it, or you don’t.

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No. And, sorry, I cannot give you names of not-so-pretty people with pretty skin because you wouldn’t know them.

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Good skin of itself isn’t going to make someone pretty. However, a person with great features and horrible skin is probably also not going to be classified as pretty. So I’d say having good skin is one important aspect of attractiveness.

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Seal is borderline pretty.
Without a doubt, attractive, @Earthbound_Misfit.

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I wouldn’t call Seal pretty @ibstubro. What are you trying to say in your response to me @ibstubro?

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There’s no hidden agenda, @Earthbound_Misfit.
When you said, “Having good skin is one important aspect of attractiveness.” I got a mental image of Seal. Did an image search, and posted.

I think Seal is borderline pretty, if we can equate pretty with handsome.
He’s a handsome guy. Attractive.

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Actually it may not make a person pretty, but it doesn’t delete what little beauty there is. . No matter how unattractive, flawless skin looks fresh, clean, youthful. and smooth.
However, unattractive skin can make a person with perfect features look unattractive. Have you ever seen a person that had beautiful features but has an ugly mole on their face or acne scars? With time you may learn to ignore the scars as you get to know them, but the initial reaction may be to find them unattractive. A good, but not perfect example would be Seal. He’s not quite ugly but if his skin was absent of those scars on his cheekbones, he would be attractive.

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@ibstubro Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But he does have a lovely skin color and nice smile.

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I could not agree more with @Pandora. How sad to judge one’s “beauty” by his or her skin.

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Gosh, remember Victorian days when the ladies would carry parasols to protect their skin from the sun? That we should be so smart today!

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Good / pretty /smooth skin is nice to have but it doesn’t in and of itself make someone attractive.

I feel blessed that I inherited my dad’s great skin but it doesn’t make me more attractive. I’m happy that I have the same skin as my dad as it’s smooth and easy to care for. I like having good skin partly because I’m lazy. I don’t really use much except water on it. Soap rarely touches my face and I don’t use products on it more than a few times a year. Even when I’m gigging and using lots of makeup, I rarely do anything special to my face once the makeup’s off.

I agree with @ibstubro re Seal, though I’m not sure if Seal has bad skin or scars. The man is wildly attractive to a lot of people (including me).

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I wrote a response to this yesterday and the browser ate it.

I don’t think Seal could be called ‘pretty’. He’s attractive certainly, but he’s not a pretty man. And while he has scars and doesn’t have what could be called ‘good’ skin, that people find him attractive is evidence for how complicated the notion of ‘attractiveness’ is. I think Seal’s attractiveness is about his whole being. It relates to the way he moves, how he communicates, how he speaks, his talent and his overall personality. It transcends how he looks. In terms of skin, he is the exception rather than the rule. Even if Seal could be described as physically ugly, he would be attractive because he is so much more than his looks. But he isn’t pretty.

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“Pretty” defines like a backhanded compliment: “attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful or handsome.”

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I don’t think so. Pretty is something that is used to describe someone as a whole.

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@ibstubro, yes. Kind of like, “Cute.”

Good point @ARE_you_kidding_me. Like, “She has pretty eyes, but that nose! Oye Veh! ”

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I will say no because how pretty someone is cannot be considered in terms of skin only. It is the total outlook of the person that can be considered in order to say someone is pretty or not. In other situation how pretty someone is is related to how and what the beholder prefers.

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